About us - Bits of War


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Kromlech is company producing models, conversion bits, basing kits and more - all for tabletop battle games.
If you look for cool parts to add to your models it is a good place for you.
All our products are cast from highest quality resin.
Our team of professional casters work very hard to deliver only best casts without air bubbles, holes or warpings.


Kromlech wants to be associated with the highest level quality of products. Therefore once we seek a partner for cooperation, we want only the best specialists, companies and devices to work with.

All laser-cut products, ranging from the terrain to gaming accessories, are made on Trotec devices - top-of-the-line engraving systems, which raise the bar of quality in industry each year.

Trotec provides us with new machines each year, ensuring that quality of products will stay the same for years and supervising the quality of our production process. Whichever of our laser-cut products you receive, you can be sure they will have amazing details and will be made with greatest attention to detail and first-class quality of workmanship.