Modeling and basing

Modeling and basing

No matter which wargaming system you collect, play, or collect and play, modeling and basing are two things that always stick around. You don’t even need to pick any wargaming system at all, to be honest - both these activities are also just around the corner if you’re just keen on the “artistic” side of this hobby, which are painting and… modeling, quite so.

At Kromlech we know that very well, and - because of that - we couldn’t not have a category such as Modeling and Basing at our webstore. After all, it’s good to purchase both the desired miniatures and/or scenery, as well as essential tools and materials to handle them at once.

Modeling Kits for Miniatures

When it comes to preparing your miniature to step onto the battlefield (or modeling competition, or just your shelf) many of the necessary items can easily be replaced by some home-made accessories - just like, later, some gaming accessories can also be replaced with coins, etc. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that when you’re focused on achieving the best results possible, it’s always good to have suitable equipment.

It would take a while to list all the “would-be-nice-to-have” modeling stuff to handle even one miniature. But - if our intent is to create some kind of “essential” or “universal” modeling kit - we can try to pick the most prominent ones.

Essential Tools and Supplies for Modeling

We did our best to add to our offer everything we considered “essential,” when thinking about tools and supplies for modeling. That’s why - in the first place - among our vast cafeteria you can find hobby knives. This tool is necessary to work with almost any material you can step on during your adventure with modeling - whether it’ll be plastic, resin, metal, or else. Remember, even 3D printed models - such as the ones which you can find at Kromlech 3D Workshop - also need handling. It shouldn’t be a surprise then, that next to knives you can also find some additional blades to switch them when the old ones become a bit less sharp because of constant use.

Moving forward, a natural addition to a hobby knife is a cutting mat (safety’s first!). A glue is equally vital as the knife, just so you can attach the parts of your models to each other - necessary before moving forward to next steps!

And then, we also have some accessories that are more “situational.” It means that you can (but you don’t have to) use them during the process of modeling. These are - for example - hobby magnets (if you want to make something swappable), inch rulers (to be even more precise), or paint racks (to keep your workspace clean and organized).

Basing Materials for Wargaming and Modeling

Now, let’s give a closer look to things you can use during basing. It might sound like an obvious statement, but in that case bases themselves are something crucial. That is why among Kromlech bases you can find many different ones. These differences can be split up into three major categories - material, shape, and size.

One could say that thanks to Kromlech, basing can become both easier and more difficult at the same time. All because, when you have a wide range of possible options, you may find yourself having a hard time deciding with which one to go. The choices need to be made during the very first step - whether you want to base your army on plastic bases, HDF-ones, clear acrylic-ones, or maybe even using highly-detailed Kromlech resin bases? Each of these solutions have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to pick the one that suits you the most.

Later - although all the bases in our offer may be described as miniature bases - Kromlech made sure that all possible miniatures can be handled with our products. That is why you can choose not only based on (pun intended) shapes, but sizes as well. Browse the whole range of square, rectangle, round, and oval bases, and choose the desired sizes. You can find not only “the uncommon ones,” such as 60 x 35 mm bases, but also “the big ones” in the likes of 170 mm base. And - if you decide to go with our resin ones, you can even already have them with scenery such as ruins or woodland.

And, finally, basing with us doesn’t end on the bases themselves. In sub-categories next to these which include bases, there are plenty of materials which can help you finish your miniatures. You can make use of Kromlech basing sand, static grass, turf & foliage, plasticard, cork scatter, weathering powders, and more. All you have to do is… to make several more choices. It might be difficult sometimes, but we can all agree that it’s better to have a choice rather than not.

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