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Kromlech Shipping Policy

Basic Info

When placing your order, please ensure that your shipping address is written exactly how it should appear for your postal service! In other cases, we are not responsible for any problems with delivery such as the postal office/courier company not being able to forward your package properly. Also, please note that we're not a courier company ourselves, so if a courier is not able to deliver the package to you in person, we are not responsible for them for example not leaving it at your door or at your neighbor's.

Every package sent outside of the EU may be held on customs clearance. While we try to give our customers the best possible shipping prices, we cannot cover these costs ourselves. Therefore, customers are responsible for all shipping and customs fees. An order's total shipping cost (excluding the fees mentioned above) will be displayed after adding products to your cart. Then you can choose your preferred delivery and payment method – you'll see exact quotes in the order summary. The cost of shipping depends on the weight of goods and delivery location.

We aim to dispatch your order as soon as possible, usually the next working day after receiving payment. If your order includes items currently out of stock, it may take 2-3 business days to complete. You'll receive an email confirmation after dispatching the package. Please note that during busy times of the year (Holidays, Orktober, Black Friday, and other sales), we usually need some more time (up to 10 business days).

Delivery Methods

Please note that all delivery times listed below are just estimations based on info from delivery companies and our own experience – there may be some exceptions to those rules.

Standard Delivery

We provide delivery via Post Office service if you want the most financially viable method. It's available in all countries except those listed at the bottom of this page (the list is updated each month depending on the Covid-19 situation worldwide). We are using both letters and packages depending on the order's weight. Please note that in some cases (for example, your country being temporarily unavailable due to restrictions in service of the delivery company you chose), we may switch delivery methods, so you'll get the package quicker.

Polish Post Registered Letter

Orders up to 2 kgs (counting package as a whole with box's weight, filler, protective foil etc.), both domestic and international, are shipped via the Polish Post Registered Letter. After dispatching, we provide a tracking number that is trackable in all countries except the USA, Canada, and Australia.

International orders can sometimes take a few weeks to arrive, depending on the customs office at the destination. Usually, it takes approximately one to two weeks for EU, 3-4 weeks for UK/USA/Canada, and 5-6 weeks for Australian addresses once your order has been shipped. Please note that those are usual delivery times. As the postal office sometimes needs longer to deliver the order (up to 1 month within the EU, two months to South America, North America, and the United Kingdom, and three months to Asia and Australia), we don't grant reclamation till that full timetable is reached.

Polish Post Parcels

We are shipping orders over 2 kgs and up to 20 kgs (full weight counted as abovementioned) with Postal Parcel service. The tracking situation and expected delivery time are the same as the letters described above. There are differences in expected delivery time though. For the EU it usually takes up to 2 weeks, for UK/USA/Canada up to 2 months, and for other destinations - even up to 3 months. Please consider that before choosing Postal delivery for heavier orders.

Express Delivery

If you don't want to wait longer than necessary, we recommend choosing Courier Service deliveries. Please note that we need your phone number to ship via courier service. If no phone number is provided for the order with courier delivery chosen, we will send you email reminders about that each week for a month – please check your SPAM folder as they are sometimes getting there. After that, we dispatch orders using Post Office delivery.

FedEx Courier Service

If you live beyond the pond and need your package delivered as fast as possible, you can choose FedEx Courier Service. It is more expensive than standard delivery but much faster, and the package will always be delivered straight to your doorstep.

We provide a tracking number after dispatch.

Depending on your location, packages should be delivered between 2 and 12 days after dispatch.

Please let us know if you want Courier Service to another country before placing the order. For most countries, we can figure something out; there is quite a steep price to that, so please be prepared that such a premium on a delivery comes with a cost.

Estimated times of delivery per location:

  • Australia 3-12 days
  • Austria 2-3 days
  • Belgium 2-3 days
  • Bulgaria 3-4 days
  • Canada 3-9 days
  • Croatia 3-5 days
  • Czech Republic 2-3 days
  • Denmark 2-3 days
  • Estonia 2-3 days
  • Finland 3-5 days
  • France 2-4 days
  • Germany 2-3 days
  • Greece 3-5 days
  • Hungary 2-5 days
  • Ireland 3-5 days
  • Italy 3-5 days
  • Latvia 2-3 days
  • Lithuania 2-3 days
  • Luxembourg 3-5 days
  • Netherlands 3-5 days
  • Portugal 3-5 days
  • Romania 3-5 days
  • Slovakia 2-4 days
  • Slovenia 3-5 days
  • Spain 3-5 days
  • Sweden 3-5 days
  • United Kingdom 3-9 days
  • United States 3-9 days


If you happen to live in Poland as we do, we can offer you the renowned inPost service as a delivery option - both courier and parcel locker options. In both cases, you can expect a maximum of 2 business days for delivery (for now we don't offer a Saturday delivery option) except for the busiest periods of the year such as Christmas.

Free Shipping

For all the orders above €150, we are granting free shipping. Please note that it only means using a method the most convenient and cost-effective. Mostly, it will be Polish Post's Registered Letter or Parcel, but there may be exceptions along the way. No matter what, you'll always be informed about the shipping method on the order's page after the package is dispatched, but if you want us to avoid courier options for whatever reason – please note that in the order comment. Also, if you prefer faster methods, please consider using the Courier Service option instead cause, as you can see above, Postal shipping is usually not so fast.

Returns and Re-posts

First of all, please see our Terms and Conditions (click here) to see if you are eligible for a return or re-sending package in the first place. Generally, we are always trying to satisfy our clients, so if there are any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us at


If you withdraw from the purchase within terms specified in our Terms and Conditions section, you are obliged to send back a package containing ordered products at your own expense. We are refunding all the order's worth and regarding delivery:

If you have chosen the cheapest delivery options, then the delivery cost is included.

If you chose a method more expensive than that or if the delivery was free – the shipping cost is excluded from the refunded amount.


Sometimes it also happens that the package is misaddressed. If that occurred by the Customer's fault, we could re-send the package, but the Customer is obliged to pay for the second delivery. As an alternative, we can refund the order, shipping excluded.

If the fault for misaddressing is on our part, we are considering all the re-post costs.

We are always open to resolving any questions or doubts in such matters in any individual case – please get in touch with us at if you'd like to discuss such an occurrence.


  • Russia
  • Sudan
  • Some USA and UK dependencies and overseas territories (Guam, Reunion, Norman Islands, and some others - parcels over 2 kg not available) - there is a FedEx option available though
  • Afghanistan (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • Libya (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • Israel (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • North Macedonia (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • Georgia (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • Jordania (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • Armenia (parcels over 2 kg not available)
  • Uganda (parcels over 2kg not available)

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