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 Shipping update on COVID-19 (as of 04/01/2020)


Please note, that the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly changing. Polish Post expands it's list of available countries each week, however some areas may still be unreachable.
Courier services are operating without hindrance.

We continue all our operations, while reducing risk of infection by having staff work follow proper safety measures.

Polish Postal Service

As of now, Polish Post processes orders sent to the following countries:

        • Albania
        • Armenia
        • Australia
        • Austria
        • Andorra
        • Argentina
        • Belarus
        • Belgium
        • Bosnia & Herzegovina
        • Brazil
        • Bulgaria
        • Canada
        • Canary Islands
        • China
        • Croatia
        • Cyprus
        • Czech Republic
        • Denmark
        • Egypt
        • Estonia
        • Ethiopia
        • Finland
        • France
        • Germany
        • Georgia
        • Greece
        • Hong Kong
        • Hungary
        • Iceland
        • India
        • Indonesia
        • Italy
        • Iran
        • Iraq
        • Ireland
        • Japan
        • Jordan
        • Kazakhstan
        • Kenya
        • Kuwait
        • Kyrgyzstan
        • Latvia
        • Lebanon
        • Libya
        • Liechtenstein
        • Lithuania
        • Luxembourg
        • Malta
        • Malaysia
        • Morocco
        • Mexico
        • Moldova
        • Monaco
        • Montenegro
        • Netherlands
        • New Zealand
        • North Macedonia
        • Norway
        • Qatar
        • Pakistan
        • Philippines
        • Portugal
        • Republic of South Africa
        • Romania
        • Russia
        • San Marino
        • Serbia
        • Singapore
        • Slovakia
        • Slovenia
        • South Korea
        • Spain
        • Sri Lanka
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • Taiwan
        • Tanzania
        • Thailand
        • Tunisia
        • Turkey
        • Ukraine - excluding Crimea (including Sevastopol), Luhansk and Donetsk
          United Kingdom
        • USA
        • Uruguay
        • Vatican
        • Vietnam

We are keeping abreast of any developments and will inform you as soon as the situation changes.


DPD Courier Service  

As of 5th of July, DPD courier does not accept packages to United Kingdom - this may change later in January. We will keep abreast of any developments.

DPD courier is still operating and available for European countries. Make sure that the address you provide is your household, as many restaurants and workplaces can be closed due to safety regulations. If you live in Europe and wish to change your shipping from Polish Post to DPD courier service, feel free to contact us over at or our social media - we will arrange that!


FedEx Courier Service (new option for USA and Canada)

FedEx is processing all packages normally.  Delivery time in US and Canada is about 5 to 9 days from the moment of dispatching. 


Delivery Information:

When placing your order, please make sure that your shipping address is written exactly how it should appear for your postal service!

While we try and give our customers the best possible prices on shipping we cannot cover these costs ourselves. Therefore customers are responsible for all shipping and customs fees. The total shipping cost (excluding aforementioned fees) of an order will be displayed after adding products to your cart. Then you can choose your preferred method of delivery and payment – you'll see exact quotes in the order summary. The cost of shipping depends on the weight of goods and delivery location.

Order preparation:

We aim to dispatch your order as soon as possible, usually next working day after receiving payment. If your order includes items that are currently out of stock it may take 2-3 working days to complete. You'll receive email confirmation after dispatching package. Please note that during busy times of the year (Holidays, Orktober, Black Friday) we usually need some more time (5 – 10 days).

Delivery methods:

Polish Post registered Letter
Most orders (both domestic and international) are shipped via the Polish Post Registered Letter (Airmail for overseas locations). After dispatching we provide tracking number which is trackable in all countries with two exceptions – USA and Canada (good thing is we do not have any lost packages there. Sometimes they tend to stuck at the New York sorting facility but always eventually arrive to its destination).

Due to Covid-related issues delivery time may be longer than usual.

International orders can sometimes take a few weeks to arrive, depending on the customs office at the destination. Usually it takes approximately up to one week for EU, 3-4 weeks for USA/Canada and 5-6 weeks for Australian addresses once your order has shipped.

Polish Post Global Expres
Global Expres is another service of Polish Post. In comparison to Registered Letter it is more expensive for light packages but way cheaper for heavy packages - especially those heading to North America or Australia. Unlike Registered Letters Global Expres packages are trackable in the USA and Canada.
Time of delivery depends on location. It is approximately up to one week for EU, 3-4 weeks for USA/Canada and 5-6 weeks for Australian addresses once your order has shipped.

DPD Courier Service (Europe only)
For urgent order you can use DPD courier service (EU residents only). It is more expensive but faster and package always will be delivered straight to your doorstep. We provide tracking number after dispatching.
Estimated times of delivery (from DPD website): Austria 3-4 days, Belgium 3-4 days, Bulgaria 4-5 days, Croatia 6-7 days, Czech Republic 2-3 days, Dania 3-4 days, Estonia 3-4 days, Finland 4-5 days, France 3-4 days, Greece 4-5 days, Spain 4-5 days, Netherlands 3-4 days, Ireland 4-5 days,Lithuania 2-3 days, Luxembourg 3-4 days, Latvia 2-3 days, Germany 2-3 days, Portugal 4-5 days, Romania 4-5 days, Slovakia 2-3 days, Slovenia 4-5 days, Sweden 3-4 days, Hungary 3-4 days, UK & Northern Ireland 3-4 days, Italy 4-5 days.

FedEx Courier Service (USA & Canada only, up to 3kg)
If you live beyond the pond and need your package to be delivered as fast as possible, you can choose FedEx Courier Service. It is more expensive than standard delivery, but much faster and package will be always delivered straight to your doorstep. For now this option is active for packages up to 3kg.
We provide tracking number after dispatching.
Package should be delivered between 5 and 9 days after dispatching, depending on your location.

Free shipping:

All orders over 150 Euro (or equivalent in other currencies) are shipped free of charge via Polish Post Registered Letter or Global Expres.

Przesyłki do Polski:

Przesyłki do Polski są zapakowane w wytrzymałe kartonowe pudełka zabezpieczające zawartość przed uszkodzeniem i wysyłane jako listy polecone priorytetowe.