Loyalty Program - Bits of War


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Loyalty points

Every 4.99 € spent in our store gives you 1 loyalty point (points are added to your account after dispatching package).

You can accumulate as many points as you wish and they may be converted for discount voucher at any time.

You receive 0.25 € for every loyalty point converted.

To check how many points you have accumulated so far or convert points to discount voucher go to „My account” page and then access „My loyalty points”.

You can use voucher on any order over 25 €.

Take note that in order to receive any loyalty points you must be logged in to your account. If you use paypal instant checkout or make order as a guest all points will be lost.


If your total purchases on Bits of War store exceed 500 € you'll be promoted to Veteran.

As a Veteran you get additional discount on all Kromlech products (cumulative with any vouchers) and in addition we will be making special promotions for our veterans not available for other customers.