Sindari Spirit Host & Fate Spinners

Sindari Spirit Host & Fate Spinners


We are thrilled to announce an exciting new wave of models and bits for one of our beloved factions - Sindari Voidfarers. This latest expansion brings a host of new units: an infantry squad of Fate Spinners, their leader - High Priest - and a whole range of constructs - Spirit Blades and Guards, as well as gigantic Ancient Knights. To complete this, you’ll also get conversion bits of all these releases as separate products - these will add depth, variety, and power to your Sindari armies. Let’s dive into the details of these incredible new releases!

Spirit Host

First up, we have the Sindari Spirit Blades with Greatswords. These formidable constructs are filled with the souls of fallen Sindari heroes. Armed with massive Greatswords, they’re designed to cleave through even the toughest foes. Their presence on the battlefield is both imposing and awe-inspiring, making them a must-have for any Sindari commander looking to dominate in close combat.

For those who prefer a different style of melee combat, the Sindari Spirit Blades with Glaives are an excellent choice. The origin of those is the same as the ones above. They’re just differently equipped - with elegant yet deadly Glaives and Small Combat Shields. These constructs, made from Sindari-own mysterious material, excel in swift, precise strikes that can instantly turn the tide of battle. Their agility and skill make them a versatile addition to your forces.

Ranged combatants will be thrilled with the introduction of the Sindari Spirit Guards with Soul Splitters. These constructs - being the vessels for passed Sindari souls - are armed with powerful ranged weapons, unleashing devastating volleys upon their enemies. Whether you need to hold a strategic position or provide supporting fire, the Spirit Guards with Soul Splitters are up to the task.

Adding even more firepower to your arsenal, the Sindari Spirit Guards also come with Rift Cannons - capable of banishing enemies to another dimension. Their sheer destructive potential makes them an invaluable asset for any Sindari commander looking to dominate the battlefield.

Fate Spinners

Moving on to the infantry, the Sindari Fate Spinners are a squad perfect for ambushing enemy units. These elite warriors are known for their equipment, which allows them to make short jumps to another dimension. For observers, it looks like disappearing and appearing, making it a perfect tool to set traps on enemies. Their presence will add a unique tactical element to your Sindari forces.

Leading the Fate Spinners is the Sindari Fate Spinners High Priest. This formidable leader covers all the abilities of the Fate Spinners - including their weaponry, capable of creating deadly clouds that easily penetrate even the most sophisticated armor. The High Priest's leadership is crucial for orchestrating complex strategies and ensuring victory.

Ancient Knights

For those who love towering, close-combat powerhouses, the Sindari Spirit Host Ancient Knight Dueller is a dream come true. This giant - almost 11” high (!) - war machine is piloted by a Sindari connected to the soul of a fallen twin contained within this construct.

Duellers are armed with close combat weapons designed for fighting and demolishing enemy units - either Spirit Swords or Ancient Halberds, complemented with Ornamented Shields of suitable proportions and additional weaponry: Soul Splitters, Pulsar Cannons, or Laser Gatlings.

Thanks to the swiftness - preserved despite an enormous size - the presence of an Ancient Knight on the battlefield is a game-changer, capable of turning the tide with its sheer strength and resilience.

Finally, we have the Sindari Spirit Host Ancient Knight with Cannons. This construct - sibling to the Dueller - provides overwhelming firepower to your army. Equipped with a selection of powerful cannons - Rift Cannons or Heavy Mooncannons - it can obliterate enemy formations from afar. All of that is completed by additional weaponry: Soul Splitters, Pulsar Cannons, or Laser Gatlings.

Its durability, firepower, and swiftness uncharacteristic for its size make this Ancient Knight a cornerstone of any Sindari force looking to control the battlefield.

Conversion Bits

In addition to these fantastic new models, we are also releasing several sets of conversion bits. Although various head designs are included in sets of corresponding models, you’ll also be able to get them separately. All these bits will allow you to customize your existing units, adding unique flair and personal touches to your present collection without adding full models from our range. Whether you're looking to create a distinctive look for your army or enhance the functionality of your units, our conversion bits are perfect for you!

This new wave of Sindari Voidfarers models and bits is set to bring unparalleled depth and excitement to your tabletop battles. Whether you’re a seasoned commander or new to the Sindari faction, these releases offer something for everyone. Stay tuned to our webstore and social media for the official release and more exciting updates!

Prepare to lead your Sindari Voidfarers to glory and may the threads of fate always be in your favor.

Happy gaming!

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