Goblin miniatures for wargaming - how to use them?

Goblin miniatures for wargaming - how to use them?

Goblins - next to Orks - are probably one of the most recognizable fantasy creatures of all time. They’re present in almost every one of the most prominent fictional universes, so it’s natural that they couldn’t be absent in the wargaming as well.

What are Goblin miniatures and what do they look like?

Goblin miniatures are what they seem - the miniature representation of fantasy creatures, Goblins. These are green, small humanoids with sharp teeth and even sharper attitudes. They usually stay close to the Orks - similarly green but much bigger and stronger. Goblins typically act as their helpers or councilors, as they’re believed to be the smarter ones.

The different types of Goblin miniatures available on the market

When searching for Goblin miniatures, you can walk on many different types. Even without considering that there are many other wargames, there are numerous Goblin breeds in the Games Workshop’s Warhammer itself.

Goblins may be small, but it’s usually hard not to notice them at the very first sight. As in the picture - they know how to get attention. For example, with various eye-catching appearances

Besides classic Goblins, in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, we can encounter Night Goblins, Forest Goblins, or even Hobgoblins. Not to mention that in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, these tiny guys were renamed as “Grots,” expanding their genealogy tree even more.

How to paint Goblin miniatures for a realistic effect

If you intend to paint a Goblin miniature, you’ll need to prepare that the green skin will take most of your time and effort. Although cloak or armor can also be painted to look realistic, we won’t focus on those aspects because painting these isn’t different from painting other sets of armor, cloth, or anything else.

When you don’t want to spend much time painting your miniature, it’s always a good idea to use Contrast Paint. The whole process should take a little time, and the effect should be satisfying enough - Goblin’s skin won’t be plain. It’ll have some depth.

In the case when you have time and desire to paint your model as well as possible, you need to arrange more paints. Put some base (green, of course) on your Goblin, then some Wash, and then some Layer. Repeat the process depending on how light or dark skin you want on your Goblin.

Finally, to boost the realistic feel of your miniature, don’t forget to take care of its base. To do so, you might need tools and resources from our modeling and basing category at Kromlech.

The best ways to use Goblin miniatures in wargaming scenarios

To play your Goblins successfully, you need to remember that you can’t rely on their strength. That is why you always need to deploy them with something bigger - typically, Orks or Ogres.

Goblins - one thing that can’t be refused them: they’re really hard-working. They’re capable of building enormous structures with the use of whatever they have in hand at the moment

The second option is to bring as many Goblins as possible to the table. After all, sheer numbers may beat even the toughest competition. Handling such enormous force can be a complicated task, but it’s nothing you couldn’t achieve with tokens, markers, templates, etc., from our gaming accessories.

Where to find affordable Goblin miniatures online

You can find cheap Goblin miniatures almost anywhere - whether you need these little creatures in plastic, cardboard, paper, or even as tokens. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for high-quality resin miniatures, definitely check our webstore.

Remember that affording Goblin bits (which we have a lot in our offer), and later converting and customizing your models as you wish, can be a great way to save some money (and keep diversity within your ranks).

As you can see, the possibilities are almost limitless. Their number may resemble the Goblins themselves, as they’re famous for mostly sticking in huge companies.

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