Frostgrave terrain - how to make one?

Frostgrave terrain - how to make one?

The terrain in wargames is a specific subject. In almost every game, you can either make it or purchase it. Which way to choose? That depends mainly on your needs and desires. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you what suits you more.

What is Frostgrave?

Frostgrave is a fantasy skirmish wargame that focuses on wizards gathering the warbands to wander and fight throughout the frozen ruined city full of wonders and danger. Their main goal is to get into possession of powerful artifacts and hidden treasures. To achieve that, they’ll need to battle against monsters and creatures, as well as the opposing adventurers’ teams.

Ruined buildings, snow, and ice - these are the most significant elements when it comes to the Frostgrave terrain

Osprey Games created this award-winning wargame. At Kromlech, we have official terrain dedicated to the different scenarios and kinds of play in Frostgrave

The different types of terrain that can be used in Frostgrave

As we mentioned earlier, Frostgrave’s plot focuses on the city ruins of Felstad - located somewhere on the abandoned frozen wasteland. That is why the most commonly visible terrain during the games will be something… ruined. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a house, but in nine out of ten instances, it’ll be some building.

Based on the descriptions, we can assume that Felstad looked more or less like a medieval-themed city. It’s good to remember that these cities weren’t only about buildings (even if we divide them into secular and sacred ones). A marketplace (or something similar) was a common sight in such locations, not to mention other places and objects of everyday purpose, usually encountered where the people live (for example, a cemetery). These facts allow us to add to the mixture of terrains stuff like gravestones, chests, boxes, and barrels, not to mention even smaller pieces like books, skulls, etc. You can find similar bits in our Kromlech 3D Workshop section and print them in the desired quantity.

How to make your own Frostgrave terrain using everyday materials?

If you’re interested in getting cheap and simple Frostgrave wargaming terrain, you can always build it yourself. Custom scenery for Frostgrave can be a great idea, especially at the start of your journey with this game. Depending on the scenario you’ll play, the required terrain may vary, so you can always pick the one with not so much to place on the table.

In time - when you make (or afford) more and more Frostgrave-themed terrain - you might be able to build a whole frozen city

Making Frostgrave scenery should be relatively straightforward. You’ll have to gather some cardboard and old paper boxes, work on them with a hobby knife, and glue raised elements to resemble devastated old buildings. Then the only thing that lasts will be the painting.

Tips on painting and decorating your Frostgrave terrain

When finishing your Frostgrave terrain, remember that the game takes place on the frozen wasteland. That’s why you should intensely focus on “winter themes” when painting and decorating your scenery. White paint and some white powder will be your allies at this step. It’s always a good idea to add icicles as well. Fog will also be suitable, so you can experiment a little bit with cotton.

Regardless of the solutions you decide on, remember that you can always find tools and materials for everything to build or convert that we stated above at our webstore. Browse categories such as modeling and basing and gaming accessories (in the second one, even if you’ll seek some stuff to use during a game in Frostgrave).

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