Necromunda terrain - how to make one on your own?

Necromunda terrain - how to make one on your own?

Necromunda is a skirmish wargame created by Games Workshop. It’s set in the Warhammer 40k universe and focuses on gangs battling each other below a Hive City. The game title is the name of the planet where the action takes place.

What is Necromunda terrain and what are the benefits of using it in your games?

The uniqueness of Necromunda hides in the terrain used during the games. Although traditionally, wargames use flat spaces with a symbolic number of terrain features, Necromunda allows you to dive deep into the world of enormous, futuristic, industrial constructions.

Making your battlefield “claustrophobic” might be a difficult task, but with the use of huge containers, it could be done

Using such terrains during the game opens you to a new cafeteria of possibilities. Gameplay is drastically different from standard wargames when you must operate in small, sometimes claustrophobic spaces, on narrow bridges, and on different levels of maze-like buildings.

How to make a variety of different Necromunda terrain pieces?

Preparing the terrain for Necromunda can be a tricky task. If you want to make everything on your own, you must prepare for a lot of work. From gathering essential materials to building complicated constructions, you’ll have more to do at almost every step than with the usual terrain for wargames. Nonetheless, if you’re keen on such challenges, you can always prepare by browsing modeling and basing categories at our webstore at Kromlech.

Another possibility is to afford some pre-designed terrain. It may still require assembly and painting, but a significant (and sometimes the most challenging) portion of the work will be already done for you. If you’re interested in that solution, consider checking out our Tabletop Scenics range of terrains - you may find some of them suitable for Necromunda games.

Tips for using Necromunda terrain in your games

The essence of playing Necromunda is to feel that unorthodox clime of gangs fighting each other in the undergrounds of an enormous futuristic city. That’s why you should at least try to gather a significant amount of suitable terrain features and use as many as possible when deciding on this system.

A variety of such terrain pieces as walkways and staircases guarantees an unmatchable gaming experience

Remember that the terrain won’t only impact the immersion. It’ll also affect your gameplay experience, as more various pieces of terrain mean more tactical possibilities.

Examples of how to use Necromunda terrain in your games

Although the terrain in Necromunda can be impressive, it’s always good to remember that you need to use it correctly. After all, you want to play this game, so the scenery shouldn’t make it more difficult. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to connect all, but you need to find a balanced solution with which you’ll be comfortable.

Something that might help you find this balance is our gaming accessories - when the free space on the battlefield is minimal, sometimes it’s good to use handy tokens, markers, or battle rulers, designed precisely for instances like that.

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