How to do Ork trukk conversions?

How to do Ork trukk conversions?

Ork vehicles are extraordinary. The creativity of this Xeno species and unconventional materials used to build any construction often reveal themselves as the right mixture. “There is a method in this craziness,” one could say. So why - as an Orkish player - shouldn’t you follow this way and create vehicles for your boys alone, using uncommon methods?

Choose the right Ork trukk for your needs

The first thing you’ll need when making an Ork trukk conversion is a core - the vehicle body. The body could be a part of the bought wargaming model or even the whole model. You can find many different Ork vehicles in our Kromlech offer - some of them could be an excellent base for any thinkable conversion. And if you’re not keen on purchasing any model or would like to make a budget version of Ork trukk, you can always choose to either afford a toy or search for one throughout your old toys.

Orks build from anything they have in hand, so in this case, it might not be unwise to think like an Ork

A good thing to remember when choosing the core of your uprising Ork trukk is that it should be (more or less) in a scale of the tabletop wargame in which you plan to use it. On the other hand, if you would like to do this conversion just for the creative part of the activity, look at the models with which you will display it. Although the Ork faction guarantees some freedom, even among the greenskins, the trukk is good only if anyone could fit into its cockpit.

Plan and design the conversion

When you have your vehicle’s body, you can plan the process of converting it into a true Ork trukk. Usually, it’s good to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish - or thought, at least - at the very beginning. Strategic thinking can help you avoid unnecessary work or decomposing something good for your plans to re-doing the same thing later.

Remember that plans might change during the progress of your work - either because of the availability of certain materials or the fact that one concept looked good in your head but not in reality. It’s completely normal, so don’t stress when something doesn’t come up as you thought it would - one difference can open the door to many other possibilities!

Remove any unnecessary parts from the Ork trukk

Whether it’ll be a model or a toy, your base for Ork trukk will have some unnecessary parts (at least, unnecessary for you - if not, you won’t be converting it!). Before you start adding any new components, it’s good to remove what you don’t want on your trukk. To do so, we recommend using Kromlech Heavy Duty Knife. And in case of cutting too much, you can always glue desired parts back with the help of our Kromlech Super Glue. Both could be found in the modeling and basing section on our webstore.

Add armor and weapons to the Ork trukk

Once you finish cleaning your soon-to-be ork trukk, you can add some desired upgrades. If the subject is an orkish art of war, it’ll surely be a wide range of weaponry and armor. The number of add-ons depends on whether your core was a wargaming model or a toy. In the first case, it probably won’t be much, as the model itself (even after cutting unnecessary parts) will have a lot of detail. In the second case, we recommend using Plasticard - versatile material for modeling and converting - to add some extra features to your trukk. It’s essentially the same type of plastic as you find in many plastic kits, and it works with polystyrene and cyanoacrylate glue.

Orkish weapons and their lack of finesse gives you a rare opportunity to experiment a little bit with your conversion

Ork trukk conversion, indeed, should have at least a few weapons. If you’re short on such things, it’s always a good idea to search for some bits or sets of bits. However, the situation might occur that you’ll need a single piece of specific wargear that will be available only in a big bundle. Buying many bits in advance - to use them later - isn’t always necessary. You can always check our Kromlech 3D Workshop offer for files containing many different orkish bits and print them for yourself in the preferable quantity.

Assemble and paint the conversion kit

If you finally build up the desired conversion, the next step should be a precise assembly (using Super Glue once more). It’s essential not to skip this part because if you do, the effects of your hard work might not even survive until the definitive end of the conversion process!

Install the new parts

Installing the new parts is a prelude to the phase of finishing touches and the end of your task (even if only a matter of time is when you’ll find yourself standing in front of another modeling trial). The question is - what more can you do to make your trukk more Ork-styled?

You can always go to the Tabletop Scenics catalog to answer this question. Among buildings and vehicles dedicated to the greenskins faction, you’ll find a selection of HDF glyphs and boards. They could possibly add much depth to your conversion.

Add finishing touches to make it look great

The last part of work before showing your trukk to the world is something that we like to call “the finishing touches.” It’s the most amusing phase of the entire process. Generally speaking, it’s when you can make some changes and upgrades to your Ork trukk that will give it “a claw.” What we have in mind is - for example - putting some hobby chain on a model. It suits most of the Ork-themed conversions and makes them look more realistic - sharper.

Such a conversion as the Ork Trukk might need suitable equipment and a place to be done. Be prepared before you start your work

Another thing you can do is to use a bit of weathering powder. Similarly to the hobby chain, it could work well with your Ork trukk conversion. Why? Because knowing the nature of Orks, there is an enormous chance that their creation - even if built yesterday - will look like it has faced any weather during many years of its existence.

Whatever you decide to do (or not to do, as this phase isn’t obligatory, of course), when the time comes for the finishing touches, remember that you can find accessories spoken about at our webstore, in the linked before, modeling and basing section.

Test drive your new Ork trukk!

And now, finally, comes the time to ride your new Ork trukk conversion! Whether the model will only decorate your shelf or dominate every battlefield you’ll deploy it on - it’s always a satisfying moment when you can see your desired conversion completed.

Remember that only some conversions you make will look exactly as you thought they would. Sometimes - especially when you start your modeling journey - the effects of your work might not feel good enough for you. Don’t worry - everything you do is essential because it gives you experience. There is no need to be frustrated - you can always make another attempt or move on to the next project. It’s good to remember that even if you’re not happy with your conversion, it doesn’t mean that it’s terrible in reality. So don’t be shy and show the effects of your hard work to others - it might turn out that they’ll like it. And if not, there is always room for discussion - it can also help you with your future projects!

Most importantly, be happy with what you achieved. We’re sure all your Ork trukk conversions will be outstanding and grace many tables with their presence. Just don’t forget to field them to battle with deserved style. Our gaming accessories will surely fit any excellent conversion!

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