Pricing update

Pricing update

Regrettably, the political and economic global issues force us to increase our prices by a margin to cover the expenses that have arisen.

We sadly announce that soon we’ll increase our prices. The good news is that mostly this increase won’t be high. For both our resin and HDF products, it’ll be less than 9%, and for such stuff as Static Grass and Hobby Magnets, it’ll be even less than 7%!

Most of the products - especially the smaller ones, such as the sets of bits - will go up by just 1€. For example, Heresy Shoulder Pads will now cost 9.99€ to the previous 8.99€, and Cyber Samurai Vibro Katanas will go up from 10.99€ to 11.99€. Slightly higher increases - such as by 3€ - will happen for squads and bigger products like Orc Assault Greatcoat Squad. But worry not - this and all the other squads will keep their usual webstore discounts, from 10 to 15%.

Among our resin products, the highest difference between old and new prices will be visible in the case of Orc Corsairs Battle Rig - it’ll be 13€ (4.94% increase). Such an amount is proportional to the initial price of this enormous, highly-detailed vehicle.

The pricing update will happen after our webstore birthday, on 3.04.2023.
That means you can still buy the products during our anniversary with a discount of 20% off on top of old prices!

Of course, there are some things which prices won’t go up. Those are:

1. Plastic bases

2. Acrylic-made products

3. Basing Sands

4. Cork Scatter & Sheets

5. Plasticard

6. Hobby Tools

7. Base-centered products from HDF

8. Frostgrave terrains

To sum up - we’ve done our best to keep prices down on some of your hobby essentials, and we’re giving you a heads-up now so that you have plenty of time to take advantage of current prices, not to mention the upcoming discount!

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