Ork bits - customize your army

Ork bits - customize your army

Many may consider the Ork ones as the most grateful among thousands of hundreds of wargaming bits. Because of these creatures’ design, background, and history, the bits allow many different possibilities when customizing models portraying them - whether we’re discussing grim dark future Orks or classic fantasy Orks. Thanks to the specific types of bits, there is even a possibility of building whole-themed armies in both cases.

What are Ork bits and what do they do?

Ork bits - like any other bits - are designed and produced to personalize miniatures in your collection. It doesn’t matter if the primary models are from Games Workshop (for systems like Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, or Age of Sigmar) or any other company. As long as they match the components by scale, you can say you have everything needed for your future-to-be conversions.

The different types of Ork bits and their purposes

Ork bits may be diverse based on several features. First of all, there are bits of different body parts, for example, hands, legs, or heads. Adding weapons, armor, clothes, and equipment to that mix, we have the first kind of a difference-maker.

The crazy feel of the orkish army influence many original bits designs

What’s more, some bits might significantly impact the role of the model on the battlefield, and some might not. If we swap a hand with a gun to a hand with a knife, it’ll modify the rules of that figure - it’ll no longer possess a long-range weapon. Instead, it might fight better in close combat from now.

As stated earlier, not every change in the model’s appearance must necessarily change its role during a game. If you browse our wide range of bits at Kromlech, you’ll see various designs of - for example - Ork heads. Changing a standard head on a Punk one (with sunglasses and a mohawk) shouldn’t impact anything besides the figure’s look.

How to install Ork bits?

Installation of Ork bits is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need a suitable figure you wish to convert. You attach desired parts in appropriate places using a hobby knife and glue. And voila! Your all-new converted miniature is ready for a paint job.

How to use Ork bits for the best results?

If the gaming part of our beloved hobby interests you the most, you should look for the information about what kind of weapon is the most prominent at the time you play and focus on it when building and converting your army.

Nonetheless, it’s good to remember that it’s not the only reason behind affording Ork bits and converting your little green friends. The visual aspect is no less valid.

Ork isn't equal to another Ork - make yours look like no other

Converting and adding some bits isn’t only for gaming advantage. Let’s imagine that there is an essential model, like Ork Captain, but the original one doesn’t fit your vision. Thanks to bits, you can make him more likable for yourself, but still play him exactly as if it wasn’t converted.

Tips and tricks for using Ork bits

When it comes to Ork bits, one not-so-obvious thing might be said. Usually, when discussing parts to convert, our minds and thoughts focus on the figures. That’s understandable, but we shouldn’t forget the bits for other things, like the terrain pieces.

Even if these bits aren’t as popular and commonly used as those for the figures, here we can also point out many specific features - from small extra details (such as Ork skulls or other symbols, logos, etc.), through bigger ones, like additional turrets, to the whole, complicated constructions to attach to your terrain to expand it. Tabletop Scenics specialize not only in complete sets of scenery but also in such products.

In the end, it’s always good to mention that besides bits, there are many options of alternatives when it comes to wargaming. For example, even if you’re not keen on some gaming accessories from one producer, you can always check for similar stuff in another offer. In that case, it’s only a matter of what is more appealing for you.

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