Fantasy Bowl

Fantasy Bowl

For any Fantasy Bowl player, there is no privilege greater than playing on the grandest stage of them all - the Fantasy Bowl Stadium itself. If you - as a coach - want to achieve immortality with your team, there is no better way to do so than winning the Championships on the playing field surrounded by the majestic walls of this stadium. How to get there? Well, we - at Kromlech - are more than ready to show you the way!

Fantasy Bowl Stadium Specification

Fantasy Bowl Stadium is an enormous set of terrains dedicated to any fantasy football-themed wargame. It consists of all elements required to build one complete Stadium of approximate dimensions: height - 14.2” / 36 cm - width: 39.4” / 100 cm- and length - 55.1” / 140 cm. The interior dimensions of 22.1” / 56 cm width and 37” / 94 cm length make it perfect for a standard-size playing field. We highly encourage you to fill that space with some mat or pad made from static grass. It feels like a natural completion and - combined with assembled and fully painted Fantasy Bowl Stadium - gives an unmatched visual.

The whole set encompasses the following pieces of terrain that are also sold separately: two Fantasy Bowl Stadium Tribunes, four Fantasy Bowl Stadium Dice Towers, two Fantasy Bowl Stadium Short Tribunes, two Fantasy Bowl Stadium Dugouts, one Fantasy Bowl Stadium Score Tower, and four Fantasy Bowl Stadium Light Towers. In addition, it also includes pieces of terrain that aren’t available to buy separately. These are four Fantasy Bowl Stadium Corners, one Fantasy Bowl Stadium Staircase, and one Fantasy Bowl Stadium Slot Cover. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff there, and all of this is wrapped in a unique, beautifully-finished, dedicated box.

The last thing to be acknowledged when the subject is straight facts about the Fantasy Bowl Stadium is that this standalone and modular piece of terrain is made from high-density fibreboard (HDF) and comes unassembled and unpainted. It’s a good idea to gather some resources before taking on this construction, as finishing it will be entertaining, but it might also reveal itself as challenging.

Fantasy Bowl Stadium Price

Naturally - remembering all that we stated earlier - the size, complexity, and high quality of Fantasy Bowl Stadium dictates a proportional price. The whole set costs 534.99 euros. While it might sound like a lot, it’s good to remember that the Stadium is undoubtedly worth its price. Affording it, you receive not only a gigantic piece of finely detailed terrain but also many additional features that will level the quality of any fantasy football-themed game. To name a few, what might improve that experience are Dice Towers providing a safe space for you to roll, Score Tower - which will help you track the course of the match - and much more!

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