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Orkenburg: Orc Junk City

Orkenburg: Orc Junk City

Truth be told, there is no one Orkenburg in the entire known galaxy. Although Orcs are very creative when it comes to raising useful (and deadly, nine times out of ten) structures, they aren’t so innovative when it comes to giving such things names. Most Orcish constructions are named straightforwardly - they simply get the names after the sound they make or after the name of the activity they were made for. With more sophisticated names (such as the ones of the cities), it doesn’t work like that. It’s unknown which Greenskin was first to come up with the name “Orkenburg,” it remains a matter of Orcish history (that isn’t written down, so whatever). Nonetheless, the idea of such a name was forever merged with the brains of these Xenos, and since then, every "city-alike" of Orcs proudly carries the name of Orkenburg.

Welcome to our Orc Junk City Terrain Collection

Kromlech presents our Orc City - or, more precisely - Orc Junk City Collection. Here, you can find plenty of bigger and smaller sets of scenery and terrain in this specific climate. Browse HDF and resin products, and build a metropolis worth the twisted minds of Orc engineers.

Unique features of our Orc Junk City Terrain

Orc City offers many structures that are not only great wargaming pieces but also fun terrains full of hidden details. Those details are in a truly Orcish style. Besides recognizable signs and sentences, there are numerous specifics, best visible in such sets as Orc 'Eavy Metal Stage or Orc Smack Bar.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Orc Junk City Terrain

Both our HDF and resin kits are made from high-quality materials. Such a philosophy allows us to produce highly detailed terrain and scenery that - after assembling and painting - will look equally great next to the models you deploy on your wargaming table.

Compatibility of our Orc Junk City Terrain with different Tabletop Games

Orcs are numerous - not only in-universe but also outside it. Nowadays, many different Tabletop Games contain these fan-favorite green guys, so it’s completely natural that our terrains will fit in many various systems. As long as the scale of a certain wargame is compatible with the scale of our buildings (which is a 28 mm scale), then it’s up to you if and how you’ll incorporate them into your games.

Discover the benefits of our Orc Junk City Terrain Collection

Our Orc Junk City Terrain Collection is a part of our vast, ever-growing, and diversified offer. We always do our best to make our products complement each other. That is why among products available in the Kromlech 3D Workshop, you’ll find many that can serve you as upgrades and additions to terrain sets from this category.

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