What are the alternatives and conversions of 40k Dreadnought?

What are the alternatives and conversions of 40k Dreadnought?

Dreadnoughts are among the most memorable pieces of wargear from the entire Warhammer 40k. And it says a lot, as many kinds of weaponry, vehicles, and war machines inhabit this universe created by Games Workshop. Then it isn’t unusual that throughout the long history of this vast hobby, many ideas of converting Dreadnought models came to life. The same thing appeals to alternative models of this well-known Warhammer 40k cybernetic combat walker. Let us gather some facts about it and clarify them.

The different types of Dreadnoughts

Warhammer 40k Dreadnoughts can differ, just like everything else. Although some standard features help recognize them among the other similar pieces of wargear, they sometimes vary significantly. The majority of 40k fans are most likely to know Mark IV or Mark V of Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnought - the most common pattern used by Space Marines. It’s safe to say that this is the most classical look of Dreadnought.

Behemoth Dread Walker assisting Omega Legionnaire in searching the ruins

We can’t forget that the Castraferrum Pattern isn’t the only one - even the most popular. We can distinguish variants depending on weaponry or allegiance to the specific Space Marines Chapters. In addition, older versions of these cybernetic combat walkers are called Venerable Dreadnoughts - these are the ones you’ll probably encounter secondly. Besides that, we can also point out a list of other Dreadnought Patterns, including Redemtor, Contemptor, and Leviathan. Not to mention the existence of Chaos Dreadnoughts (divided into their categories) or even non-human Dreadnoughts that belong to the Xeno species. And even with that, new Dreadnoughts still show up from time to time.

Converting a standard chassis Dreadnought to a 40k Dreadnought

As we stated earlier, many types and variants of Warhammer 40k Dreadnoughts exist. It allows you to convert your model in many unusual ways. You can always go with a classical look, but, as you can see, it isn’t the only option. It’s also good to remember that the tips gathered in this article aren’t only for Space Marines players. As you read in the previous paragraph, other factions also possess their Dreadnoughts or at least strongly resembling counterparts. So feel free to use some of these tips when converting such models - we tried to write this guide as universally as possible.

At Kromlech, we have an excellent-looking Behemoth Dread Walker - you can easily convert this hulking model to look like the 40k Dreadnought. With such an extraordinary shape (and even alternative weapons) as a base, your creation will be like no other from the beginning. Adding some bits, you can claim that you’ve created an entirely new variant of Dreadnought dedicated to your imagined Chapter. And if you’re playing one of the known Chapters, you can always use a wide range of bits available at our webstore to make your conversion look more like a Dreadnought from that particular Chapter.

And what about Dreadnoughts that don’t serve any of the Chapters? Yet these cybernetic combat walkers (or lookalikes) could be found among other factions, not only Space Marines. That’s why you can find yourself in a situation where you’ll have bits for Dreadnought from the other race than the one in the style you’re converting your model. You can always use these parts, but it’s good to remember that not everything from one faction will suit another one. To not bury an immersion, let your common sense guide you through deciding what to add to your conversion and what not to add.

Other options for creating a 40k Dreadnought on a budget

If you prefer to create your Dreadnought without spending much money, there is always such a possibility. If you have a standard, classically-looking one, you don’t need to upgrade it entirely. You need to prepare something that we would call a Dreadnought conversion kit - suitable for your needs. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to have some plan or vision before you get to work. If you know what you want to achieve, it’ll be easier to gather needed resources and check if you can make a budget conversion.

Artificially sustained warrior clad in a powerful suit of destructive force

Paradoxically, small features can make a big difference. Consider looking at our modeling and basing offer. There you can find sets of glyphs that - for the relatable price - can help your conversion to show its claws.

Besides - if you aren’t afraid of challenges - you can always give plasticard and weathering powders a chance. The first one will allow you to add an impressive amount of features to your Dreadnought, and - what’s even more important - it’ll grant you an opportunity to test your modeling skills. Plasticard is the perfect material for upgrading your model if you’re not keen on affording already prepared bits.

As for weathering powders, they can help you during the late parts of your conversion process. It’s significant not to underestimate the finishing touches. They can completely change your overall look at the model. If you think your creation isn’t good enough, wait until you use some weathering powders. They can bring a new life to any conversion, making it more realistic and dirty-looking, especially if you’re building a Chaos Dreadnought.

The last possibility of converting your Dreadnought without spending much is printing some bits yourself. That’s why you should also look at Kromlech 3D Workshop. You might find there - for example - a candelabra that will fit perfectly onto your rising Dreadnought.

Final thoughts on the 40k Dreadnought

Dreadnought, as a remarkable and recognizable model among these produced by Games Workshop, can elevate the look of your Warhammer 40k army - no matter if Space Marines, Chaos, or one of Xenos. If Dreadnought is made with your recipe, fitting the main theme, it’ll look impressive, without a doubt.

Traditionally, the model, which required so much work and effort, deserves to be displayed with due respect to help it look even more imposing. If you think similarly, look at our gaming accessories and Tabletop Scenics terrains - we can assure you that they’ll suit every finished model.

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