How to make Objective Markers 40k?

How to make Objective Markers 40k?

Miniatures are only some of what you'll need when you play a wargame such as Warhammer 40k. Even if you add vital things like terrain, rulebooks, dice, and measurement tools, something still would need to be added. The Objective Markers might be it. Among all the coins, markers, and any other similar gaming accessories you use to play wargames, they happen to be the essential ones.

What are Objective Markers in 40k and what do they do?

A 40k Objective Marker is a token you place on a battlefield to mark a crucial location. From the rules’ point of view, that location could be anything - a building to claim (or protect), a key position, or even a center of the battlefield, where you need to move as many units as you can to achieve victory. To sum up - what Objective Markers represent strongly depends on the specific scenario you play.

Objective Markers don’t do much. Quite frankly, they don’t do anything above marking a specific location. That’s why they often might be seen as unnecessary, but it isn’t true - after all, their task is to show every player the Objectives vital to achieving victory. One might say that they’re even the most essential accessory ever to grace any wargaming table with their presence.

The different types of Objective Markers

The number of types of Objective Markers takes time to decide. That’s because almost everything could become an Objective Marker. You can mark crucial points on the battlefield with either a dice, coin, or even the base of one of your miniatures. The shapes and sizes of Objective Markers aren’t obligatory, but they usually are round and have a diameter of approximately 25-40 mm.

You have a vast cafeteria of possibilities when choosing both the material and the shape for your Objective Markers

The difficulty only occurs when you want the Objective Markers to “look good” on your table and be highly visible. It’s understandable that when you have a fully painted army and the most realistic battlefield you were able to prepare, you don’t want to ruin the whole immersion with tokens that aren’t compatible. It’s also understandable that, at the same time, you want your Objective Markers to be visible, so the comfort and dynamic of play can stay at a high level. That’s why you can always afford professionally-looking Objective Markers at Kromlech. In our offer, you’ll find many different types of them. Tabletop Scenics make some from HDF, but at our webstore, there are also clear acrylic ones. You can even choose whether to have them in lying or standing form!

How to make Objective Markers 40k

If you have your vision of how you want the Objective Markers to look, you can always make them yourself. Custom Objective Markers could look great too. It isn’t challenging to make one, especially for someone with a bit of modeling experience. Look at our proposition of realistic Objective Markers in a junkyard theme. They’re made from high quality resin and fit perfectly to most battlefields in Warhammer 40k clime. As you look at them, your idea might begin to crystalize itself. When you have some concept, it’s time to bring it to life.

Firstly, you’ll need bases for your Objective Markers so that they can stand still on the battlefield. Secondly, you should provide yourself with a collection of bits, such as chests, barrels, skulls, etc. - everything that could help make your Objective Markers more realistic. You don’t even need to buy big sets, as for several Objective Markers, you won’t need many accessories - after all, the central part, the number, should be wholly visible for the Objective Marker to fulfill its destiny. If you need only a small amount of specific bits, look at our Kromlech 3D Workshop offer.

And speaking about numbers, they could be the most uncommon part to find from the entire list of needs for your rising Objective Markers. To form adequate numbers, consider using plasticard - a material with an enormous cafeteria of possibilities for modeling and converting.

Plasticard is the perfect material not only to make Objective Markers but for almost any other conversion that is possible

Finally, here comes the time for the finishing touches. You can always use basing sand, clump foliage, or even a weathering powder to add some extra features to your new, nearly-done Objective Markers. Significantly the last option will help your creations fit well to the battlefield, looking realistic at the same time. For any additions to converting a model, be sure to check modeling and basing categories on our webstore.

How to use Objective Markers in your games

Using the Objective Markers in your games shouldn’t be complicated at all. You need to take the right amount of them, each with a different number, and put everyone in the appropriate time and place - both indicated by the scenario.

The benefits of using Objective Markers in your games

The primary benefit of using the Objective Markers is the visual aspect - even if they’re clear acrylic or metal, if they’re in the same size and theme, their purpose is evident to everyone who looks upon the battlefield. Unification helps achieve the look of professionally prepared accessories.

The second benefit is that highly visible Objective Markers can improve the quality and dynamic of your game. When everything is marked correctly and understandable for every player, the risk of misunderstanding is minimalized.

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