Eldar 40k - how to convert and customize?

Eldar 40k - how to convert and customize?

Someone could say that the Warhammer 40k Eldar - a race full of dignity and grace - doesn’t need any conversion or customization. Well, from a certain point of view, it might be a true statement. Nonetheless, if you - similarly to us - believe that there is nothing wrong in converting even the miniatures that seem so “perfect”, stay with us for the rest of that article, and get to know our thoughts and ideas for the customization of these glorious models. After all, modeling is a fun and creative activity in itself!

Converting an Eldar model to be a different race

If you would like to shake things up at the very beginning, here is an entertaining thought - converting Eldar 40k models to be a different race. Sounds strange? Maybe. Could it be done? Of course, it can!

Please take a look at our offer at Kromlech. There you’ll find not only many exciting models in Eldar clime (check our Sindari Voidfarers line of products) but also an enormous amount of bits to customize your models (and even more at Kromlech 3D Workshop). Among these bits, there are - for example - many different swappable human male and female heads. Thanks to magnets and a hobby knife (search for them in the modeling and basing category), you can easily convert your Eldar model to look like a representative of a different species.

Painting futuristic elven-kind is undoubtedly fun and challenging - plenty of color combinations encourage experimentation. And most of them look fantastic on the armors from the future

It’s good to remember that these kinds of conversions might be much more difficult (or even impossible) if we would like to portray some of the other races - for example, if we wish to make an Eldar-themed Orc, Tau, or Tyranid. In the case of humans, the slight difference in the body’s shape can still be something that will make people scratch their heads, but you can always tell that this particular man (or woman) is enormously athletically gifted.

Painting an Eldar model to look like a character from the game

Thanks to their original, eastern-driven design, as well as to the wide range of different colors incorporated into their coloring schemes, Eldar may encourage many players and modelers to do painting experiments. Such an experiment can be “to make your Eldar model resemble one of your favorite characters from a particular video game.” And it’s just an example - you can always seek inspiration in movies, comic books, and everywhere else.

As we stated earlier, the look of Warhammer 40k Eldar is highly inspired by the Eastern culture of our globe. With that in mind, if you want to make your model resemble a character from the game, you should focus on persons (or even entire games) with a similar theme. Faith that Eldar painted in colors of any hero from the thousand of possible pop-culture references will be recognizable is mere. That’s why it’s better to choose a character that will fit the style of Eldar through his equipment or appearance from the start.

Customizing an Eldar model with new weapons or armor

If you’re looking for new weapons and armor for your Eldar warriors, once again, you can give a chance to our Sindari Voidfarers. Thanks to their resemblance to Eldar produced by Games Workshop, you can use almost every piece of their wargear to customize your desired models. Combined with this possibility comes a high level of matching between one part and another. That’s why you can make your Eldar warriors different - more diversified - keeping them in specific faction spirit simultaneously.

Due to the unique style of Eldar armor, blades, etc., converting models from this faction with bits of the other one could be challenging (if possible). After all, Eldar aren’t like Orcs - they usually don’t loot the other species’ gear and don’t convert them on their own. They prefer to use their equipment, and it’s probably a good idea that you should do the same when customizing them. Usually - no matter how many details you wish to change - you want to leave these miniatures at least a part of what they were before. And making your Eldar models in a completely different - not so elegant, unique - style could be like taking away their essence from them.

Creating a diorama or scene using Eldar models

Once you’ve finished cutting, gluing, and painting your Eldar miniatures, now might be an excellent time to afford (or make) suitable terrain. Displaying your collection of figures via diorama (or just on the maquette-inspired scenery base) is probably one of the most satisfying steps of creating an army in any wargame. It’s like a cherry on top!

Eldar’s architecture might not only look great on your battlefield but be easy to build and economical as well

Just like in all the other similar cases, here once again comes our Tabletop Scenics category. But this time - when the subject is the terrain compatible with Eldar-like models - we have even more in store for you. Now you can browse not only scenery made from HDF but also from resin! You can create a climatic environment for your Eldar troops by combining more extensive sets from the Bone Spaceships line with smaller ones, such as ruins or ruined statues. Overall - with the addition of your new, freshly-converted models - your diorama will be like no other.

In addition, if you’re the one who doesn’t stop on just displaying the miniatures on the shelf - if you’re the one who also likes his army to look good on any battlefield during any game, you’ll find something for yourself. Check our gaming accessories catalog, where battle rulers, tokens, markers, templates, and even more are available in colors and patterns resembling Eldar. Thanks to these, your models will look fancy also during the bloodiest of battles.

Tips for assembling and painting Eldar model

General advice for assembling and painting Warhammer 40k Eldar models shouldn’t be different from the other ones regarding all other factions and models. The most important thing is to stay safe and ensure that all your models and tools are safe. Even if you’re an experienced modeler, the moment of unawareness can destroy the model you were converting. It’s always a frustrating experience, but after all - better to damage the figure rather than your fingers!

Sindari Voidfarer looking at the remnants of long-forgotten glory

If you want to be perfectly sure that the modeling stuff you’re using is dedicated to the wargaming bits and miniatures (and guarantees that they won’t be damaged just because of using these tools to handle them), return to our modeling and basing category. You can browse our glues, knives, etc., there - all dedicated to converting and gluing wargaming figures, vehicles, and terrain.

What’s more, if you wish to upgrade the look of your Eldar troops even more (and take the first step on the way to provide them with fitting scenery), look at our Base Toppers. It’s a practical, handful solution for finishing the model bases. And yes, some of these Base Toppers are explicitly dedicated to our Sindari Voidfarers. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to make your figures fit your desired diorama even better.

As with any other faction (or even more expansive - with any other aspect of this hobby), it’s always good to remember that no matter whether you’re playing, painting, or modeling, it should be fun. The sense of humor might not be the most remarkable characteristic of Eldar, but you’re never forced to be the same as the faction you play in every aspect. And if not, what’s the point of a hobby you don’t enjoy? So don’t worry and play, convert, and paint your models as you wish - no matter if they’re Imperial, Orcs, or - you guessed it - Eldar.

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