Sindari Miniatures

Sindari Miniatures

Sindari Voidfarers are beings that store both majesty and centuries of battle experience within themselves. This Xeno race is as noble as deadly, and it’s perfectly visible in their apparition - in gear and equipment of any profession they do. No matter if it’s a Warsinger, a Shrine Defender, or a Grim Harvester, any Sindari will look captivating while butchering the hordes of enemy lesser beings.

Explore our extensive Sindari Miniatures Collection

Whether you are looking for a single, several, or even whole squad of miniatures, you have arrived at the right place. Our glorious Sindari are available in many different quantities, and it’s highly dependable on which class they represent. All of them are available to purchase in three-miniatures and nine-miniatures bundles. In the case of Warsingers, that will be Cabal and Council, respectively, and in the case of Shrine Defenders and Grim Harvesters - Team and Squad.

Moreover, there is also an option of getting Warsingers separately in a more character-driven fashion. Because of their differentiated looks, it might be a comfortable solution for you. Of course, such masters of their art shouldn’t walk alone. That’s why we prepared a set of Sindari Psychic Familiars to accompany them.

Unique designs of our Sindari Miniatures

Kromlech Sindari Miniatures are unique because they represent very unique beings within the frames of the universe. Sindari aren’t numerous in general - they’re an old race, and they reproduce very slowly. All of that, and the fact that destructive conflicts constantly devour the universe they live in, leads us to the conclusion that Sindari are weak in numbers and that these numbers are still falling. Knowing this, grab your Sindari Miniatures while they’re still in stock!

Compatibility of our Sindari Miniatures with popular Tabletop Games

As the majority of our products, Sindari Miniatures are cast from high-quality resin. Each such Sindari Miniature was designed to fit a 28 mm scale. Nowadays, numerous wargaming systems are made in exactly the same scale. Thanks to that, you can use our greatly sculpted figures and models in many different ways. They’re not only great modeling pieces by themselves - they can serve you as alternatives as well!

Benefits of choosing our Sindari Miniatures Collection

Remember that by purchasing our products, you open yourself to the land of almost infinite possibilities. You can convert, mix, and modify our models as you wish because we always do our best to make them compatible with each other. For example, you can always look at our Kromlech 3D Workshop offer, which allows you to get plenty of conversion bits in a completely different way than with our other products - and even then, you’ll still be able to combine them.

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