Primaris Apothecary - conversion and alternative models

Primaris Apothecary - conversion and alternative models

Primaris Apothecary might be considered “symbolic” when it comes to catching the essence of the grim dark future reality of Warhammer 40k. Although honorable and full of hope at first sight, his role on the battlefield as an emergency medic has its “dark” side. That dark side is connected with the most crucial duty of such Apothecary - harvesting organs from fallen brothers and gathering resources needed for the creation of future Space Marines.

Primaris Apothecary conversion

To make a conversion of Primaris Apothecary, you’ll need some significant parts to represent him on the battlefield. You can try to make these parts from your bits, or you can afford a kit designed for conversion with the intent of transforming an ordinary soldier into a medic. An example of such a kit can be found at Kromlech.

Alternative models for the Primaris Apothecary

If you’re not a fan of the design of the Primaris Apothecary model from Games Workshop, and you don’t want to convert anything, you can always look for other options. As usual, the market is so vast that it provides you with many possibilities of medic-like models of futuristic space soldiers.

Sometimes a needle is what you need from a weaponry choice as vast as the Space Marines' one

Nonetheless, not every miniature found on the Internet will look similar enough to the original concept. If that happens, the whole operation of finding an alternative model might reveal itself as a complete disaster, because you afforded a figure that doesn’t look like an Apothecary at all!

To avoid such instances, before initiating the search protocol, you can always begin with some research, browsing Primaris Apothecary fan art, concept art, and models painted (or converted) by others. With backup like this, you’ll be able to make a more conscious decision.

How to paint and convert your model

When this article is written down, the paint named after this specific Space Marine type exists, so it insinuates that painting Primaris Apothecary shouldn’t be challenging. Jokes aside, if you have a hard time painting your copy of Apothecary, try to look at it straightforwardly and approach him like any other Space Marine. The only difference is to use suitable colors, to help distinguish him from the rest of your army.

The subject that might be a bit more vast is how to convert your Primaris Apothecary miniature. The numerous options for equipment and accessories (and the fact that each looks cool in some way) may be overwhelming. Although the desire to use as many of these features as possible can be tempting, it’s good to remember that exaggeration can ruin the overall look of the miniature. How to find a perfect solution? Does one even exist? Well, it might, depending on how much work and time you’re willing to spend. But more about it in the next paragraph.

Using magnets to attach the weapon

If you browse the modeling and basing category at our webstore, you will find hobby magnets. These small (but strong reverse-proportionally to their sizes) guys can be the perfect solution you seek if you can’t decide what to add to your Primaris Apothecary model.

Thanks to the Primaris Apothecary, even the remains of the fallen Space Marine can still serve the Emperor

If you’re willing to sacrifice some of your desires and agree not to glue everything at once to the miniature, you can easily make all its additional features swappable. Using a hobby knife and glue, takes a few minutes to try this solution and check if it suits your needs.

Pros and cons of the different models

The advantages and disadvantages of different models that might be used as Primaris Apothecary (whether converted or bought) are relatively straightforward and bound firmly to the game’s visual aspect.

Firstly, one major disadvantage - if you use any other model than the one produced by the game’s owner, your miniature’s adequacy can be a matter of discussion and doubt. That’s obvious, and if you’re the one that prefers to avoid such situations, you should go with the model proposed by the owner of the game.

Nonetheless, modeling and converting become increasingly popular year after year, so it’s a much more common sight lately that someone uses “not original” models, even during such events as tournaments. If it’s a practice in your community, you don’t need to worry and can freely choose the models that you find more exciting or appealing.

After all, the reasons behind choosing one miniature before the other can be numerous. For example, you may conclude that some model fits the gaming accessories (like tokens, markers, and templates) or the terrain (which you can find at Tabletop Scenics) you already possess far more than the other.

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