Examples of alternatives and converting new Ork models 40k

Examples of alternatives and converting new Ork models 40k

It’s been a while since Games Workshop released the new design of Ork Boyz models for Warhammer 40k. Even though some time has passed, the subject can still ignite passionate disputes or confuse many new players. That’s why we would like to discuss this matter, just for you to have more clarity.

What are the new Ork models for 40k and what do they look like?

The (by now not so much) new Ork Boyz models arrived, more or less, a year ago. Although the matter of their look belongs somewhat to the private preferences of players, there was still room for some critique. Why? Because the new models happened to be mono-pose and, what’s more critical, poorly customizable (or, to be honest, not customizable at all). That - obviously - happened to be a significant issue.

Comparing the spurs of both old Ork Boyz and the newer ones, at the first glimpse of the eye, you can tell which allows you to play more with arranging your new Ork unit and equipping it with the type of weapon you wish. The old one. That might be confusing, as it could be seen as a downgrade rather than an upgrade, especially if you have in mind that players love to convert their Ork models (here, at Kromlech, we know a thing or two about it).

It’s up to you and your preferences, whether you go with new-looking Orks or stay with more traditionally designed as the ones above

No matter which side you choose, it’s good to remember that Games Workshop is a firm that can do whatever it wants, and if that’s their way of doing things right now, we - as fans - can either go with it or give ourselves a break. There is no need to start a war because of that. Especially when the old Ork models for 40k are still available to buy up to today.

How do you use Orks in your army and what are their strengths?

When speaking of Orks, it’s good to mention that slight changes like the look (or, more precisely, weapon options) of Ork Boyz could mean a lot to some players. That’s because the Orks army usually works based on a straightforward principle - “the more, the better” (and merrier).

If you plan to start collecting some Orks, remember that when it comes to the tabletop, most players describe this army by a short phrase: quantity over quality. It means that when you’re interested in a new type of Ork model, gathering enough of them (with the weapon options you wish) could be challenging without any customization.

What strategies can you use when playing against an Ork opponent?

As for the players who aren’t green lovers (and instead wish to destroy some Ork armies), we have some tips for you as well. Firstly, the Orks are numerous - there is no doubt about it. Usually, with the re-rolls to Charge, they’ll rush into close combat. Knowing this, you can either shoot them down before they can touch you (by bringing any firepower you can afford) or prepare for close combat properly. To do the second one, you’ll need fighters with weapons that allow them to cut through the high Toughness values of the Greenskins.

Additionally, remember about good armor for your soldiers. It can help them preserve in combat with most Ork models long enough to strike the fatal blow with suitable weapons.

Alternatives to the new Ork models

If you’re not a big fan of the newer look of Games Workshop Ork Boyz, you can always search for some alternatives. An enormous number of webstores offer their Ork models from different wargaming systems - sometimes in a slightly different style than the Warhammer 40k ones. Still, it’s always up to you and your preferences.

Orks are everywhere - remember that you always have many options to choose from

Thanks to the growing popularity of 3D printing, you can have almost any Ork model. Our Greenskin friends are trendy among buyers and sellers, so if you find some wargaming webstore or company printing in 3D, they’ll likely have some Orks in their offer.

Remember that here, at Kromlech, we also have a wide range of Ork models - many different types in different themes. Whether you seek good old-fashioned grim dark future Orks, Wild Orks, or even Ork Pirates, you should find something for yourself. Moreover, we can provide you with orkish-style gaming accessories and wargaming terrains made by Tabletop Scenics. They’ll fit perfectly any Greenskins army you would like to play, making it even more unique and good-looking.

Converting older Ork models into the new style

And finally, if you’re not keen on affording Orks in the new style but don’t want to purchase any alternative models offered by other companies, you can still convert your old Orks. Although old models could bring memories and warm your heart with their classical design, the need to possess an army at least resembling a new theme could be irresistible. Remember - that’s your collection, and you can do whatever you want.

Converting older Ork models into the new style could be an enjoyable activity. The main thing to remember is that the new Ork Boyz (besides the painting) aren’t that much different. Of course, they’re more recent models, and it’s visible since your first look at them. Nonetheless, the most significant difference lay in something that we would call a shape. The new Ork models are just more smooth and realistic-looking thanks to the fact that someone designed their dynamic poses from the beginning - the components are made, so they should fit perfectly with one another (and, quite frankly, nothing else).

That being said, the difference between new and old Ork models isn’t something you couldn’t erase by a handful of bits, as well as the modeling stuff you can find in our modeling and basing category. Of course, at our webstore, you’ll find a lot of orkish bits as well (and even more in Kromlech 3D Workshop, so give it a try), so we should cover your needs. We intend to make our products so they can easily fit other components - giving your models a realistic look - and still allowing a wide range of customizable options.

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