New Chaos - miniatures and conversions

New Chaos - miniatures and conversions

Although only one year has passed from the announcement (and later reveal) of new Chaos Space Marines and new Chaos Knights models for Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop, soon they might not feel so “fresh” at all. With the recent rumors concerning the upcoming 10th edition of our beloved wargame, all of these new Chaos releases and new Chaos models may feel like the long-forgotten song in a matter of months (or even weeks).

Introducing the new Chaos miniatures range

It might be that the new Chaos Codex release date - as well as other stuff connected with it - is a matter of history. Nonetheless, until the premiere of the 10th edition of 40k (and even further, as Chaos is unlikely to get new rules in the first place), it’s still an actual subject.

The range of 2022 new Chaos releases was vast and brought a lot of good-looking, new Chaos models. While the Cultists may not seem too imposing when displayed next to other releases, such as Possessed or a new Chaos Knight, they’re still awesomely done miniatures.

Showcase of conversions using the new miniatures

Converting miniatures is the one thing that will never get old - it doesn't matter which edition of Warhammer 40k it'll be. Even though new Chaos Space Marine miniatures may soon become a little "old," it doesn't mean they'll be erased entirely from the game. And - on the other hand - if the rules for specific models will shapeshift their form remarkably, there hardly happens a change too significant for handling with the help of your creativity and hobby tools.

The Infernal Horde

For example, the new Chaos Knights 40k have various possible weapon options. Who can tell what changes the future will bring from the rules' point of view and how it'll affect now highly-used weaponry? The day may come when you wish you glued your new Chaos Knights 40k 2022 range differently. That's why looking at our range of bits for Fallen Knights is a good idea. You can make a handy collection of swappable Knight arms using some of our hobby magnets (which you'll find in the modeling and basing category).

Tips and tricks for painting and converting your own miniatures

Painting and converting can be entertaining, and in the case of Chaos models, it leaves you with an enormous range of possibilities. Don’t be afraid to use our weathering powders to add your Space Marine miniatures a little rustier, dirty look.

In addition, what you might find fitting (especially for your Chaos Knights 40k), are our Spikey Bits Sets and Gory Spikey Bits. These parts will give your gargantuan machines a more “brutal” feeling - among the Chaos Legion ranks, it’s a common practice to look like that.

Examples of army builds using the new miniatures

Finally, how to build your army of 40k new Chaos models? As it might drastically change soon, with the arrival of the 10th edition, for the 9th edition, it’s good to focus on one of the significant strengths of both Chaos Knights and Chaos Space Marines - melee combat. Building your army around powerful, close-combat fighting units can make your list competitive.

As for the game’s visual aspect, don’t forget to display your army with style. Whether you’re playing or just taking pictures of it, consider browsing our gaming accessories and Tabletop Scenics products - you’ll find something eye-catching there.

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