Imperial Guard - what is it and how to use it in a battle?

Imperial Guard - what is it and how to use it in a battle?

If you genuinely don’t know what the Imperial Guard is, you better not say it out loud. As the Guardsmen fight in the name of the God-Emperor of Mankind, it’s better to be aware of their existence. Just in case some Imperial Inquisitors would be nearby and hear about your lack of knowledge. Enough being said, they won’t treat you - or anyone with a similar attitude - lightly for such heresy.

Jokes aside (although this introduction should give you some insights into what and how is Imperial Guard) - if you genuinely wish to get an answer for the question (or even questions) from the title of this article, stay with us, as we’ll do our best to keep you safe from the eventual wrath of the Imperial Inquisition.

What is an Imperial Guard?

First of all, the term “Imperial Guard” is highly connected with our beloved hobby, which is wargaming. Here, at Kromlech, we usually talk only about it, so if you’re keen on such subjects, be sure to check other articles available on our blog. Of course, only if you finish this one first, as the Imperial Inquisition never sleeps, constantly looking for the servants of Dark Gods to purify. Don’t be one of such hunted heretics!

Imperial Guard - next to Space Marines - is one of the most recognizable factions of the Warhammer 40k world, created by Games Workshop. These battle-hardened soldiers protect humankind from the devilish forces of Chaos, chilling legions of Necrons, wild hordes of Orks, and many other Xeno species. All they have to help them accomplish this goal is pretty standard wargear, including rifles, tanks, machine guns, etc. Oh, and most importantly - they also have absolute faith in their Emperor’s god-likeness. Thanks to that, they’re capable of fighting and sacrificing themselves with fanatical passion and loyalty.

As the faction straight from the grim dark future reality of Warhammer 40k, the Imperial Guard is - of course - one of many playable forces, which models you can collect, assemble, paint, and deploy on the wargaming table to fight the enemies of the God-Emperor himself.

How to make an Imperial Guard?

If you desire to make yourself an Imperial Guard army, know this - many decisions await! Of course, don’t be afraid - it isn’t something terrible. You’ll need to decide which Guardsmen to collect, where to find the models that will suit you the most, and how to achieve all your goals. The possibilities are numerous, so be prepared for a little dilemma once or twice in a while. After all, if you have a hard time deciding, you can always entrust your fate to the gods of destiny and roll dice (in case you need one, look at the gaming accessories category at our webstore - besides tokens, markers, templates, and battle rulers suitable for Imperial Guard, you’ll also find there classic battle dice in various colors).

Army of Desert Raiders - specific type of Imperial Guardsmen

To help you with crucial decisions, we’ll share several facts and insights into collecting wargaming armies. First, if you wish to build a force to play, you should consider looking for original models straight from the producer. It’s - obviously - the easiest and most commonly taken solution. Nonetheless, because of various reasons, it may not be the best one for some at the same time. What motives may stand behind such an approach?

Players don’t decide on going with the producer’s models dedicated to a particular system (Warhammer 40k in this case) primarily because of the price or design. It’s completely understandable - while the overall climate of an army or its history appeals to you, its design may not do this as well. If that’s the case, you can always search for alternatives. The Internet is full of 3D printing-focused firms or other companies producing their wargaming models. When it comes to the Imperial Guard, finding an option shouldn’t be challenging, as real-life soldiers mainly inspire their design - the availability of such miniatures is relatively high.

The benefits of having an Imperial Guard

When discussing the benefits of having an Imperial Guard, it’s always good to reference what we stated in the introduction to this article. If you - as a loyal Imperial follower - can name yourself a proud possessor of the Guardsmen battalion, then you shouldn’t be worried by any Inquisitors or else. Of course, as long as you remain loyal to the God-Emperor.

Getting back to seriousness - possessing an Imperial Guard army will give you (more or less) the same benefits as any other Warhammer 40k army. While on the table, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages so that the game can be balanced and - in effect - playable. From the collecting point of view choosing the one is entirely a matter of private preferences. In the end, you’ll probably have an imposing collection of assembled and painted models that together will form a good-looking army worthy of displaying during events, competitions, etc.

Where to find the best Imperial Guards?

Earlier in this article, we discussed where to find the Imperial Guard models. But what about the best ones of all available to get? A wide range of possibilities can be an obstacle here, especially for someone still determining what he wants. Nonetheless, there are some (pretty rational) methods of deciding what to afford.

You’ll need to answer one vital question: whether you want to focus on original models straight from the producer or alternatives that designs might suit you better. Knowing this, you’ll be able to recognize what “the best” will indeed mean for you. If the answer is more like the first proposition, you’ll have a much easier task, as checking the offer on the producer’s website should do the work for you.

However, if you feel that the best Imperial Guard models for you will be those you found somewhere else (produced by another company), get ready for a lot more to cover - more options, more sites, and more shops. It might be more challenging as well, but ultimately, the satisfaction of finding truly the best, most suitable Imperial Guard miniatures will be guaranteed.

An Imperial Guard Commander leading his troops

By the way, remember that you don’t have to limit your search only to figures. For example, look at the Tabletop Scenics offer. Among their products, you can find terrains dedicated to the Imperial Guard. Browsing files for 3D printing (like those in the Kromlech 3D Workshop category) can also reveal itself as beneficial. You can find bits to convert the models not entirely in your style, making them the best option for you in a matter of minutes, using tools from our modeling and basing offer to cut and glue the elements.

How to use your Imperial Guard effectively in battle?

Practical usage of the Imperial Guard requires knowledge of the game’s rules. To achieve that, you’ll need both the rulebook with the game’s basics and the book dedicated to the faction, where you’ll find ideas for different army compositions, tactics, etc. It’s instrumental, as any army can be played in many different ways. It depends on what kind of unit you wish to focus on. For example, playing an Imperial Guard, you can make your battalion more “mechanized,” bringing as many tanks as possible, or overwhelm your enemies with enormous numbers of infantry units.

Suppose you aren’t entirely sure about your choice of Imperial Guard, and it’s before investing in such things as rulebooks dedicated to them. In that case, you can always browse the Internet in search of some basics. These will help you try out your army and verify if that choice truly suits you.

But remember that wargaming is mostly about having fun. You don’t need to abandon something you really like because of mere results on the battlefield. After all, if it doesn’t bother you, no matter who wins the game from the rules’ point of view. When all players have fun playing, then - in fact - everyone wins!

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