Eldar alternatives - what are some other models you could use?

Eldar alternatives - what are some other models you could use?

Eldar from the universe of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k was already present in our articles. Nonetheless, the faction itself is so exciting and with so much potential for converting and bringing to life new, unique designs that there is no doubt they deserve another (and several more to come) closer look.

This time we’ll focus mainly on existing alternatives. If they’re worthy of consideration? Should you give them a chance? If they’ll fit the concept of your army? These questions and much more are about to be addressed, so stay with us for the rest of this article.

What are Eldar alternatives?

Eldar alternatives are… what alternatives are. These are the optional, different to the original designs of similarly looking models, terrain, etc. that you can use to make your army more unique, more distinctive from the others.

Remember that Eldar alternatives do not always necessarily mean the “figures.” They can take many forms, from simple sets of bits like heads, weapons, etc., to faction-themed gaming accessories such as tokens, markers, templates, or battle rulers.

How do Eldar alternatives compare to original Eldar miniatures?

The likeability of alternatives to the original Eldar miniatures can vary. It depends mostly on who is the producer of such models. You can step on many different firms whose creations may (more or less) resemble Eldar figures or terrain. It means that you’re about to meet numerous ideas, visions, and projects - it’s up to you to compare them and decide which one suits your needs the best.

Sindari Voidfarers - one of the oldest races in the known universe

Of course, sometimes you may not have such a luxury of comparison. It happens mostly when one firm produces unique kinds of figures/terrain/bits that are dedicated to a specific faction (like Eldar) but aren’t made by anyone else, even the original distributor. How can it be? Well, that’s pretty straightforward. Usually, such cases occur when the original producer didn’t release something for which he - for example - already designed the wargaming rules.

Are there any disadvantages to using Eldar alternatives?

As with everything, the disadvantages of the solution as the alternatives (not only for Eldar but for any other faction present in wargames) exist. The thing is that some players may look at them as pretty significant, while for others, they might not be a problem at all. It’s dependable, and the most differing element is how specific players approach certain wargames.

To clarify, some hobby enthusiasts play wargames because of the competitive side of this activity. While the alternatives (good ones) are usually as high-quality and detailed as the original models, they aren’t always allowed to be used during tournaments, events, or similar. Of course, it isn’t always the case, but it happens, so if you like both the alternatives and contests, it’s a good idea to check if you’ll be allowed to use them by your local wargaming community.

Besides the case described above, there aren’t any more significant disadvantages of using alternatives (Eldar or else). Whether you’re the lucky one to play in a group that doesn’t have a problem with using optional models during the competitive play, or you just don’t take part in such events like tournaments and focus on having fun while converting, painting, and playing, the alternatives are for you!

How much do Eldar alternatives cost compared to Eldar?

The cost of alternatives may vary exactly like the pricing of the original models. The differing things here may be the materials used for the production, their quality, and - finally - the type of alternative itself (whether it is a miniature, a piece of terrain, or else).

Remnants of the long forgotten glory…

Most commonly, the alternatives will be cheaper than the original models, which is another thing that opts behind using them. Nonetheless, sometimes it may happen that the cost of optional figures will match or even slightly exceed the one of the primary ones. In such instances, you need to judge by yourself whether it’s still profitable for you to pay more for that alternative. After all, you may like its design so much that it won’t be a problem for you, and that’s completely understandable.

One more thing to notice is that sometimes you won’t buy whole alternative models or pieces of terrain. Sometimes that will be just a set of optional heads or weaponry. In such cases, the price will be significantly lower, but it’s good to have at the back of your head that you’ll also need some equipment to make use of these bits. Even with the addition of glue, hobby knife, or similar, the price should still be attractive, but if you’re in need of those, check our modeling and basing category.

Where can you buy Eldar alternatives?  

The alternatives for Eldar (as well as for any other Warhammer 40k faction) can be found, as the Internet is long and wide. There are numerous hobby shops, 3D printing companies, etc. that have such things in their offers. It means that you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from, which can be both helpful and problematic - it all depends on how much you wish to find the best option there is.

If you intend on looking for something a little bit more rare than the Eldar figures themselves, you can always look at the Tabletop Scenics offer. There you’ll find both resin and HDF pieces of Eldar-inspired terrain. It’s probably not as common practice as making alternative models, so it might help you save some time. Plus, the suitable terrain isn’t only something that looks good and imposing. It’s also something pretty significant when collecting an Eldar army, especially from the visual (or modeling) side of this fantastic hobby - it sky-rocks the clime of your army like nothing else!

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