Squiggoth - what are some alternatives?

Squiggoth - what are some alternatives?

If you’re a fan of Monster Movies in the clime of “Godzilla” or “Pacific Rim,” you undoubtedly found something appealing in the vast grim dark future universe of Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop. Titanic mechs and enormous monsters are on a daily routine regarding this reality. But if you also - for example - played a known, popular computer game, “Dawn of War” (from the same universe), you probably couldn’t keep your eyes away from a particular, rare view. What we have in mind is Squiggoth - a mighty orkish beast.

What is a Squiggoth and what does it do in Warhammer games?

Squiggoth is an incredibly huge sub-species of Squig - a gigantic, quadrupedal animal resembling dinosaurs. These destructive monsters are used by Orks (most commonly by pre-industrial Feral Orks) both to wreak havoc on the battlefield and transport “Da Boyz.”

The description above is truthful in-universe and on the wargaming table. Squiggoths - varying in size from Big (tank-sized) to Gargantuan (matching the size of a lesser Imperial Titan) - easily transport the Orks. They crush enemies with similar ease, usually armed with one of many kinds of cannons at the back. And that’s still not all. The rarest breed of Squiggoths is called Orkeosaurus - and it’s even bigger than all the other types!

How to paint a Squiggoth for tabletop gaming?

Painting the Squiggoth shouldn’t be a difficult task. Of course, the model itself is enormous, so you’ll need to sacrifice a significant amount of time to finish it. On the other hand, a miniature of a similar size offers not only a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the style in which you would like to paint it but also allows you not to be so precise. You have a large space to paint, after all.

Types of Squiggoths that are available for purchase

Besides the Squiggoths produced by Games Workshop, there are plenty of different Squiggoth-like models on the market. Some of them were made with the intent to resemble this creature, while the others are similar to Squiggoth by accident.

Many monsters may resemble Squiggoth, but some characteristics are differing it from the rest - quadrupedalism might be one of them

To be entirely fair, thousands of various giant monsters and enormous abominations are present in pop culture, so that’s highly probable that two or more models will look like relatives, even if it wasn’t anyone’s idea. So the different “Squiggoths” may vary in designs and shapes, but undoubtedly, one thing connects all of them. The size is this thing - the most significant feature.

That’s right - Squiggoths may have different maws, joints, or weaponry, but only when they’re huge can you instantly identify them. They resemble real-life giant hamsters, aren’t they?

Where to find Squiggoths for sale online

If you’re looking for a high-quality, highly-detailed model for a reasonable price to deploy on the battlefield as a Squiggoth, you’re in the right place. At Kromlech, we have a monster that ticks all these boxes. We gave it a significant name, “Gnawzilla,” honoring the legendary monster we mentioned earlier. Check this model out and make sure that this name suits it.

Of course, you can always search in different places. As we stated earlier, there is a wide range of possibilities. Nonetheless, we can’t assure you that other models will be suitable counterparts, matching original Squiggoths in scale and appearance. Before making such a purchase, it’s always a good idea to double-check and be 100% sure that the model you chose covers all your needs.

And remember - if you decide to give our mighty Gnawzilla a chance, you can always get one with other (sometimes essential) wargaming stuff. Whether you need terrain, gaming accessories, or additional bits to customize your new raging beast, you should find what you seek. Browse - respectfully - Tabletop Scenics, Tokens, markers, templates, and Kromlech 3D Workshop categories. Let the arrival of Gnawzilla to your army be with all the glory and splendor!

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