Custom Space Marine shoulder pads - how to get ones?

Custom Space Marine shoulder pads - how to get ones?

Undoubtedly, shoulder pads are one of the most visible parts of the Space Marines’ armor. Nonetheless, the markings on them still can be seen by some fans as unclear or hard to understand. It might be a bit frustrating, especially when so many different, custom ones are available from various manufacturers. If you have a hard time deciphering symbols and emblems on Space Marine shoulder pads and, in effect, don’t know which ones would be best for you to get, this article is for you.

What are Space Marine shoulder pads and what do they do for the wearer?

Generally (and simply) speaking, in the Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k universe, the fundamental purpose of Space Marine shoulder pads is to show their affiliation. And that’s why we can usually identify the Space Marine Chapter’s symbol on the left one of these pieces of their power armor. The right shoulder pad is for squad marking.

Nonetheless, “generally” is a keyword here. Although there is a common practice for Space Marines to mark their shoulder pads, as we stated above, sometimes exceptions may occur. These differences may happen because of various conditions. For example, if the left shoulder pad is somewhat “upgraded” (studded or spiked), then the Chapter’s symbol will be shown on the right one.

Shoulder Pads may not be the biggest, but they’re still a significant piece of Space Marine wargear

Moreover, some Space Marine Captains may portray personal heraldry on their right shoulder pad. Even the whole Chapters may have their own protocols on what (and how) should be marked on the shoulder pads.

How can you get custom Space Marine shoulder pads for your own Warhammer 40,000 army?

Getting custom Space Marine shoulder pads for your army shouldn’t be difficult. Or, more precisely, finding them shouldn’t be tough. Choosing the ones might be a bit problematic, as so many manufacturers and sellers offer different shoulder pads suitable for Space Marines. For example, you can always check our range of such products at Kromlech. We have plenty of bits designed, so they match different kinds and Chapters of Space Marine-like futuristic warriors.

What materials and colors are available for custom Space Marine shoulder pads?

As for the materials, bits you can find on the Internet or local hobby stores may vary. Usually, they will be cast from resin, but sometimes you might encounter plastic or metal ones.

If it comes to colors of custom Space Marine shoulder pads, then most of which you’ll find to buy will be unpainted. When painting them, remember to stick to the pallet of colors dedicated to the Chapter you’re collecting.

Where to buy custom Space Marine shoulder pads?

As we mentioned, finding a place where custom Space Marine shoulder pads are sold isn’t tricky. On the other hand, choosing the ones you would like to get from the vast cafeteria can be, but if you have already decided what you want, it should be a matter of time before you find them on some webstore, auction service, or else.

How to paint custom Space Marine shoulder pads?

The answer to the question above is straightforward - you can paint Space Marine shoulder pads just like any other model part. Sometimes the number of details on them can be overwhelming but remember that because it’s a highly visible part of the power armor, it’s good to spend a significant portion of time making them look good. And remember that in our modeling and basing category, you can find many different accessories helpful both during the converting and painting stage of preparation of your miniatures.

Sons of Thor look imposing in their stylized armors - matching Shoulder Pads add to this image

Tips for taking care of your custom Space Marine shoulder pads

And finally, if you managed to get and prepare the desired shoulder pads for your Space Marines, it’s good to think about some more stuff to keep your army in a specific theme (of one Chapter, for example). Such stuff could be tokens, markers, templates, and more gaming accessories - all designed in the clime of brave Legionaries traveling through the galaxy.

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