40k Rhino - conversions and alternatives

40k Rhino - conversions and alternatives

When there is a vehicle that didn’t change much throughout the millennia, you know it must be a handy, well-designed, and versatile piece of transport. That - more or less - are the features that describe Warhammer 40k Rhino well.

What is a 40k Rhino and what are its uses in the game

If you ever saw a “tank” on the table during the Warhammer 40k game, it’s a 90% chance that it was Rhino. To be precise, Rhino isn’t a tank for real. It looks like one, and some players call him that for comfort. Formally, Rhino is an Imperial Armored Personnel Carrier - APC. It’s most commonly used by the Space Marine Chapters and other forces of mankind. Nonetheless, you can find Rhinos in other factions, such as Orcs - who loot and convert these vehicles - and Chaos Space Marines. The second ones mark their Rhinos with symbols of their Dark Gods, so it’s easy to diversify these Carriers among different factions.

Rhino is almost as iconic as the Space Marines themselves

Rhino is a vehicle with one primary task - transporting troops onto the battlefield. It’s prepared to withstand many different types of environments and a high rate of enemy firepower. Rhino capacity is up to ten Space Marines - even with such a burden, it still can go incredibly fast!

Pros and cons of using 40k Rhino

The quite obvious advantage of using 40k Rhino is the access to its mobility and ability to transport troops safely into the heart of battle. That’s the main task of this vehicle, and that’s pretty much it. Some might say it’s not much, but Rhinos proved themselves throughout the years both in-universe of Warhammer 40k and at the wargaming table. It says a lot.

The major disadvantage of playing Rhino is its lack of firepower. Although it isn’t a tank, due to its look, many players happen to treat it like one. But - even with the knowledge of Rhino’s foremost duty - it’s a fact that can’t count on this vehicle when it comes to firepower. That’s why Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k Rhino Kit allows you to assemble a Razorback instead. Choosing this type of vehicle, you’ll have slightly more to fire with, but it comes with a sacrifice of capacity. For years there has been a discussion between players on which solution is more profitable. Usually, the answer is quite simple: “it depends.” On the rest of your army, your tactics, and ideas.

How to convert a regular tank into a 40k Rhino version

Transforming a regular tank into a Warhammer 40k custom Rhino could be tricky. Mainly because its shape is - more or less - the prominent feature that helps recognize it among other vehicles. That’s why - without suitable bits - it could be challenging for you to make a 40k Rhino conversion. Of course, you can always give it a try with the use of our modeling and basing products. But we might have another solution if you’re not keen on such hard work.

Lack of firepower? Well, not in that case

At Kromlech, you can find a wide range of bits dedicated to a space legionary-type of an army. Among them, there are some armor kits for vehicles, as well as tank turrets, commanding platforms, etc. It’s a vast cafeteria of good-looking upgrades for any tank-likes that will help you make your model feel more professional. At Kromlech 3D Workshop, you can even find bits allowing you to customize the passenger looking out of a hatch of your vehicle!

Alternatives to the 40k Rhino

Searching the Internet, you can walk onto many different Warhammer 40k Rhino alternatives. Although it’s always up to you and your preferences which model you find most suitable for you, it’s always good to remember that some of them may not be similarly-looking enough or their price might be just a little too high.

Our bits for futuristic tanks and vehicles are a slightly different solution. You can treat them as “Warhammer 40k Rhino conversion kits.” Thanks to the availability of many types of sets of weaponry, vehicle upgrades, and armor, you can build your own model almost without anything else. You can customize your creation as you wish or even magnetize different weapon options and swap them anytime. The possibilities are enormous and don’t end on just the Rhino - by mixing some of our bits, you can create a wide range of vehicles or - more precisely - tanks.

What’s more, you can save some money by giving our solution a try. That’s because you don’t need to buy a whole new model or even a complete set of bits. At our webstore, you can buy only the desired parts. Besides spending less, you also won’t have any unnecessary elements. That can help you organize your collection and don’t force you to either keep a lot of bits you’ll never use or throw them out with a feel of waste.

And - when you finally finish your Warhammer 40k Rhino conversion - you can’t forget some “extras” to your new model. If you’re keen on affording some, we got you covered! Check the Tabletop Scenics terrain series for suitable environments for your vehicle and look for fitting accessories (such as dice, rulers, etc.) in the gaming accessories category at our webstore.

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