Orc Miniatures

Orc Miniatures

Explore our extensive Collection of Orc Miniatures

An ever-expanding collection of Kromlech's best Orc Miniatures awaits you to discover them. Browse our cafeteria to look at unpainted and painted examples of mighty greenskin warriors ready to boost your ranks.

Unique designs of our Orc Miniatures

From Sci-Fi Orc miniature, through savage Orc barbarian miniature, to Orc warlock miniature - the majority of these greenskin fighters are present in our offer. But the possibilities don’t end even here - thanks to our bits (as unique as the miniatures themselves) and your imagination, you can convert these boys to suit your visions and needs better. Build your own Orc druid, Orc king, Orc bard, Orc knight, Orc archer, Orc wolf rider, or any Orc you want with the help of our products!

Exceptional quality and attention to detail of our Orc Miniatures

High-quality resin isn’t only a fancy term when it comes to our Orcs - they truly are made of one. In addition, their highly muscled sculpts don’t leave a doubt that these are the best that this race has to offer. Field them alone, with their sneaky smaller cousins, or even our beloved Orc hound-like, Gnaws. Thanks to the attention we put into detailing our miniatures, every combination should look incredible on any shelf or wargaming table.

Compatibility of our Orc Miniatures Collection with popular Tabletop Games

Ever had a game you love to play, but the miniatures used in it weren’t exactly what you wanted? Worry not, as our Orcs easily fit the majority of Popular Tabletop Games. They are made in a 28 mm heroic scale and can serve you as a great alternative. No matter if you need a single model, whole pack, or even a big wild army - at Kromlech, there is nothing like “too many Orcs.” Each of these Orcs comes with suitable (and unique) equipment or weaponry - you can find the ones armed with standard pistols or axes, but also the ones with mighty claws.

Benefits of choosing our Orc Miniatures Collection

Besides the obvious benefits of going with the greenskins that we listed above, there’s even more. By deciding on our collection of Orc Miniatures, you gain access to plenty of other things suitable for our models. Among them is an enormous cafeteria of bits to convert your figures - available as a material product and as a printable file in our Kromlech 3D Workshop section.

What’s more, in addition to miniatures-related stuff, we also offer gaming accessories. Although in various shapes and sizes and with multiple purposes, most are made to suit different races or factions - Orcs included!

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