Gore Legion

Gore Legion

When you think about the treacherous Legions, you see the opposite of the noble Space Legionaries they once were. In a place of courage - rage. In a place of loyalty - cruelty. In a place of once mighty and imposing warriors - now wicked and scary monsters.

The Gore Legion is probably the most typical of all the Legions that turned their backs on mankind and aligned themselves with the followers of dark gods of carnage and mischief. They’re menacing warriors hungry for blood and death. Clad in red armor full of spikes, they run toward the battle to gather horrendous trophies in the name of their newly acquired god.

Explore our extensive Gore Legion Collection

There are several sets of bits available in our Gore Legion Collection. What differentiates them from the majority of bits dedicated to any sub-faction we offer is the variability of choices. Here you can browse not only such sets as bodies, shoulder pads, or heads in helmets - pick the desired weapons for your thirsty-for-blood warriors, thanks to the availability of pistols, power gloves, chain swords, and even chain axes. Moreover, the majority of these weapon options are available for both the left and right hands of your Legionaries.

Unique designs of our Gore Legion

As the name indicates, Gore Legion is all about blood, sweat, and tears (of their enemies). We did our best to make it perfectly clear through the design of bits, and - in conclusion - of miniatures you build from them. That’s why the weaponry of those Legionaries resembles butchery hooks, and their armor is designed to look like they were made from bloodied and stretched human skin. They also possess ornaments depicting devilish skulls and grotesque, beast-like human faces.

Compatibility of our Gore Legion with Popular Tabletop Games

Being both modeling pieces cast from high-quality resin and wargaming bits designed to fit a 28 mm scale, products from our Kromlech Gore Legion category will offer you plenty of ways of utilizing them. It’s up to you and your needs (or maybe even imagination) how and where you’ll use these awesomely-looking bits or whole models constructed from them.

Benefits of choosing our Gore Legion Collection

The Legion of Gore is never fully satisfied - there is no such thing for them as enough spilled blood or chunked meat. Their hunger for war and malice is neverending, and so should be your appetite for more conversions and modifications. Worry not - we at Kromlech are fully prepared for such a scenario. We care that all our products are compatible with each other. Thanks to that solution, you can always find more needed wargaming stuff that will fit your Gore Legion miniatures perfectly. For example, if you got all the resin bits you wanted, you can always look at our Kromlech 3D Workshop offer, where you’ll find even more conversion bits available to grab differently.

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