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Sindari Voidfarers

Sindari Voidfarers

Sindari Voidfarers (or, to simplify it, Space Elves) are among the oldest races in the entire galaxy. Traveling in their Bone Ships, they fulfill their oldest dream - almost as old as the universe itself - to sail across the stars. Usually, Sindari Voidfarers try to stay away from any other race, focusing their minds and thoughts on such values as art and life, but when the circumstances require it, they can be very swift and precise in spreading death.

Welcome to our Sindari Voidfarers Collection

Kromlech proudly presents the line of products dedicated to this amazing, magnificent faction - including miniatures, squads, bits, and terrain. All of these are designed to fit a 28 mm heroic scale.

Unique features of our Sindari Voidfarers

Besides the bits that come with other products (teams and squads), which can be used to convert the models as you wish, you can also afford high-quality resin parts like Sindari Boneship Ruins or Sindari Ruined Statues Heads. These Space Elf bits fit perfectly as the addition to the bases of your Sindari miniatures as well as separate pieces of terrain.

If you need more options to customize your Space Elf miniatures, please look at our Kromlech 3D Workshop category. Some parts might not be explicitly designed as Sindari Voidfarers conversion bits, but you still can find some of them helpful.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Sindari Voidfarers

Kromlech Sindari Voidfarers come in various offers. First of all, you have several possibilities of affording powerful Sindari Warsingers. There are three different designs of these respected Psykers - each has a range of optional weapons to choose from, including a sword, a spear, and a staff. They’re available separately, as a Cabal (all three models), and even as a Council (nine models - three of each design).

Secondly, there are Grim Harvesters and Shrine Defenders. Both these elite types of units come as teams (consisting of three models) and squads (nine models).

In addition, there’re also the loyal companions of Warsingers - Sindari Psychic Familiars. They come as a pair in a single set. These creatures help their masters channel their inner power and unleash it upon the enemy.

Compatibility of our Sindari Voidfarers with different Tabletop Games

Being cast from the highest-quality resin and designed to fit a 28 mm scale, Sindari Voidfarers can be used as alternatives for various wargaming systems popular nowadays.

Discover the benefits of our Sindari Voidfarers Collection

Don’t forget that we also have a special terrain series for our Sindari Voidfarers. It’s called Bone Ship, and it’s made from HDF. Thanks to these sets, with some gluing and painting you can build an enormous construction to play on with your Sindari miniatures, or to simply display them there, and take breathtaking pictures. It’s a perfect addition to any “Space Elves” collection.

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