Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series

Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series

Welcome to Kromlech's Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series. It’s a captivating journey into the realm of Frostgrave, the ancient, thawing city of magic and treasure.

Explore our extensive Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series

At Kromlech, we understand the passion that tabletop gamers and hobbyists have for immersive storytelling. That's why we've crafted an extensive range of terrain sets tailored specifically for the Frostgrave tabletop wargame, so you can enhance your gaming experience and breathe life into the chilling ruins of Felstad.

Unique designs of our Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series

Our commitment to quality and creativity shines through in every piece of terrain within the Kromlech Frostgrave Terrain Series. Each set - whether it’s made from resin or HDF - is designed by our talented artists, inspired by the rich lore of Frostgrave. From ancient tombs and frozen crypts to arcane libraries and mystical portals, our terrain pieces transport you to the heart of this frozen city, where wizards seek forgotten knowledge and treasure awaits those brave enough to uncover it.

Compatibility of our Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series with popular Tabletop Games

While Frostgrave is the primary focus of our terrain series, we understand that many tabletop gamers enjoy a variety of gaming experiences. That's why we've ensured that our Frostgrave Terrain Series is compatible with a range of popular tabletop games. Versatility and compatibility are at the core of our design philosophy, allowing you to use our terrain to enhance your tabletop adventures across multiple game systems. Remember, that our sets were designed to fit a 28 mm scale. It’s not only a scale used in Frostgrave itself, but also in numerous popular wargames nowadays.

Benefits of choosing our Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series

Choosing Kromlech's Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series brings a host of benefits to your tabletop wargaming. Immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of Frostgrave with terrain that brings the city to life. Create unforgettable narratives and battle scenes in a visually stunning setting.

Explore the Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series at Kromlech, where adventure awaits in every corner of Felstad. Elevate your tabletop wargaming experience and let your imagination run wild with our unique, compatible, and captivating terrain sets. Your journey into the chilling world of Frostgrave begins here.

For more converting options, visit other categories at our webstore, such as the Kromlech 3D Workshop. Plenty of printable files of bits to upgrade your brand-new terrain sets awaits there!

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