Fantasy Town

Fantasy Town

Unveil the magic of miniature realms, where every corner hides a new adventure and every market day brings new tales to tell.

Explore our extensive Fantasy Town Collection

Step into a world where dreams become reality. The enchantment of our Fantasy Town terrain, meticulously crafted from resin by Kromlech, awaits your discovery. Here, amidst the quaint streets and bustling markets, you'll find wooden barrels, mysterious chests, lively tavern feasts, and vibrant town marketplaces - a fantastical realm where imagination knows no bounds.

Unique designs of our Fantasy Town

Every piece in our Fantasy Town collection tells a unique tale. Crafted with precision and care, our terrain boasts distinct designs that capture the essence of a bustling town. From the ornate details of tavern feasts to the rustic charm of market stalls, these models breathe life into your tabletop adventures. Immerse yourself in a world where every nook and cranny sparks creativity.

Compatibility of our Fantasy Town with popular Tabletop Games

Versatility is key in the realm of tabletop gaming. Our Fantasy Town terrain seamlessly integrates with popular tabletop systems, enhancing your gaming experience. Whether you're traversing the cobbled streets of a medieval village or unraveling mysteries in a bustling town square, our collection offers endless possibilities. To ensure a seamless fit, our terrain is designed to the widely adopted 28 mm scale.

Gather your collection of Fantasy Town miniatures and throw them into a suitable environment. Whether it’ll be a thief hiding between the piles of barrels and chests, or a tired guard who arrived at the tavern feast after a long day of work, they’ll surely find their place among our terrains!

Benefits of choosing our Fantasy Town Collection

Elevate your tabletop with the enchanting ambiance of our Fantasy Town. Immerse players in a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Experience the benefits of the Fantasy Town Collection as you embark on epic quests, create immersive narratives, and shape unforgettable stories.

While exploring our Fantasy Town, don't forget to visit Kromlech 3D Workshop, our category dedicated to printable files of bits for wargames. Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of resources to enhance your gaming adventures and unleash your imagination.

That’s the main benefit of choosing not only our Fantasy Town Collection but any other product as well. We always do our best to make our products complement each other, so you can find all the wargaming-driven stuff you need here!

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