Squads & Bundles

Squads & Bundles

What’s better than one mayhem-loving Orc? A whole pack of these crazy-for-life greenskins, of course! This race’s representatives - probably like no other in the entire known universe - tend to gather into (sometimes unimaginably enormous) groups, despite their natural predisposition to beat up one another for the pulp.

Welcome to our Squads and Bundles Collection

Studying daily orcish rituals for years, Kromlech’s team couldn’t not launch this section, dedicated to whole kinds of Orc squad bundles and bits to convert them. Despite their aggressive and destructive nature, Orcs are simply too friendly and love to socialize with their brothers. It’s just that - from time to time - they’re capable of arguing over simple things like “whose choppa is bigger,” which concludes in massive brawls. Like between brothers, we assume.

Unique features of our Squads and Bundles

Both our bundles & bits are one of a kind. Why? The answer to that question is straightforward: all these collections are built from our smaller products. It means that - because we always do our best to make as unique miniatures, models, etc., as possible - the bundles of them will also be unique.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Squads and Bundles

Quality is a significant feature for us. Thanks to that philosophy, we can assure you that every single miniature within our squads will be sculpted and casted with the most excellent attention to detail. It’s not only for providing you with the best resin-made models possible but also to ensure that other products in our offer (such as printable files from the Kromlech 3D Workshop category) will match them 100%.

Compatibility of our Squads and Bundles with different Tabletop Games

If you decide to purchase one of our squads, it’ll get you closer to playing your favorite wargames in a 28 mm scale, not by one, but by two steps at once. Firstly, from now on, you’ll possess a significant amount of miniatures (maybe even enough to make a force on your own). Secondly, these models will easily fit almost every tabletop game you can think of. That’s because we did our best to design them that way.

Discover the benefits of our Squads and Bundles Collection

As usual, there are even more benefits to deciding on our Squads and Bundles Collection. Besides those listed above, we can also guarantee that in our offer, you’ll find plenty of other products that will help you handle your newly purchased models. If you need such modeling stuff, go ahead and check our modeling and basing categories. Valuable tools and accessories to prepare your warriors for battle await there.

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