Imperial Crusaders

Imperial Crusaders

Imperial Crusaders are a unique type of Space Legionaries presented by Kromlech. As their name indicates, this specific sub-faction of those intergalactic soldiers was highly inspired by our real-world knights and - more precisely - templars. It’s visible not only in their medievalist design but also in their backstory.

Explore our extensive Imperial Crusaders Collection

Imperial Crusaders’ offer contains bits for your miniatures in the climate of this Space Legionaries sub-faction. It means that several medieval motives can be found in those conversion parts - including symbols, heraldry, and an overall “knight-ish” feeling.

As the Imperial Crusaders are the ones leading an unending crusade through the whole known galaxy, believing that their beloved ruler of mankind is the God himself, by using the bits from this sub-faction, you can give your army a unique, strongly-loyalist feeling.

Unique designs of our Imperial Crusaders

Among the bits available in Imperial Crusaders’ offer, you can find all the parts required to build a representative of this Space Legionaries sub-faction. Moreover, all of these resin bits - designed to fit a 28 mm scale - can be also used to convert other models from your collection. We did our best to provide you with as many options as possible, that’s why this category includes such features as two different sets of heads (with helmets and without them), and an upgrade kit with items and equipment suitable for any Crusader.

Compatibility of our Imperial Crusaders with Popular Tabletop Games

As we stated earlier, our bits from the Imperial Crusaders collection can serve you in two ways - as parts to build completely new miniatures or as conversion parts. We design our bits and miniatures to not only be standalone products but also to be compatible with other popular wargaming systems. Thanks to that philosophy, you’re able to make a whole new army from them or just modify the one you already have - the choice is yours!

Benefits of choosing our Imperial Crusaders Collection

Imperial Crusaders’ bits don’t end just in this category. If you look at other products in our rich offer, such as printable files from Kromlech 3D Workshop, you’ll find not only more of what you may be interested in - you'll also find more ways to get it. Among the stuff that can help you make good use of your 3D printer, many Imperial Crusaders-driven bits await. For example, look for Imperial Crusaders’ Rosaries, Helmets, Candelabras, and more - now you can have it all in desired quantities!

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