Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Caste Enclaves' Vehicles are - in fact - not so different from Infantry. Both these types of units are Drones - highly advanced creations of the brilliant and enigmatic Xeno race that fight for the Greater Cause. The main difference between those two is that Vehicles are simply much larger mechanical constructs than the ones classified as “infantry.”

Welcome to our Caste Enclaves Vehicles & Vehicle Bits collection

Kromlech Caste Enclaves Vehicles and Vehicle Bits collection consists of various types of great machines. Objectives of these constructs are differentiated, and so is their “equipment.” Worry not, there are no complications here - you can recognize the Bomber thanks to a huge bomb underneath the back of the Vehicle.

Unique features of our Caste Enclaves Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Being prepared for any circumstances by nature, Caste Enclaves project their Drones to have common features. Thanks to such a solution, even during the battle, some constructs are capable of switching their gear and - when there’s a need - performing actions of a different type of unit. In our webstore, it’s represented by sets containing certain Vehicle Bits that allow you to modify one of your Vehicles to be a different one.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Caste Enclaves Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

In the spirit of the Caste Enclaves faction, we always do our best to give you the highest-quality product possible. To achieve that, we use only the finest material, such as our resin, from which the models and bits from this category are cast.

Compatibility of our Caste Enclaves Vehicles & Vehicle Bits with different Tabletop Games

Because our Caste Enclaves Vehicles and Vehicle Bits are designed to fit a 28 mm scale, they can be used in various ways. Firstly, you can build and paint them, as they’re fantastic modeling pieces by themselves. Moreover, you can also compare their style and scale to any Tabletop Game you like to play. If everything matches, you’re more than welcome to use them as alternatives!

Discover the benefits of our Caste Enclaves Vehicles & Vehicle Bits collection

Remember that if you like our Caste Enclaves Vehicles and Vehicle Bits, you can always reach out to other categories at our webstore. Kromlech is full of similar products to the ones from this offer, as well as those completely different. If you’re keen on getting conversion parts differently, consider browsing the Kromlech 3D Workshop - printable files available there can cover your needs if you look for specific bits in specific quantities.

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