Dvergr Commando

Dvergr Commando

Dvergrs are among the extremely limited group of non-human species that serve within the ranks of the Imperial Army. Their appearance might be a crucial factor here, as they look like small bearded people - futuristic versions of classic fantasy Dwarves. Nonetheless, as it is with their cousins from the sword-and-sorcery world, their look might be misleading. They compensate for their lack in height with enormous strength (both of muscles and will), unmatched creativity, as well as mastery in constructing machines, and developing new technologies.

Welcome to our Dvergr Commando Collection

Our Dvergr Commando collection consists of both Dvergr Commando miniatures - of various professions and various quantities - and suitable equipment. Although the majority of weapons and other items is available within the specific Dvergr Commando squads and teams (by affording some of them you’ll get not only fantastic miniatures, but optional Dvergr Commando bits as well), we also offer “heavier” weaponry - in the likes of Guardsmen Mortars - as a separate product.

Unique features of our Dvergr Commando

Kromlech’s range of Dvergr Commando was designed to be as unique as possible. What’s more, thanks to the wide range of available models and weapons they use, you have a possibility to create a whole force consisting exclusively of our Dvergr Commando miniatures - a climatic, fun-to-play roster.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Dvergr Commando

As always, Kromlech Team does everything in its power to provide you with the best wargaming products. That’s why each and everyone of the models from Dvergr Commando range was designed in a 28 mm scale with attention to detail, and casted from high-quality resin with precision.

Compatibility of our Dvergr Commando with different Tabletop Games

If you always wanted some dwarvish-style miniatures for your favorite futuristic tabletop wargame, you’re in the right place. As wargamers, we put an effort in making our products as versatile as possible. Thanks to that philosophy, you can not only collect these Dvergr Commando models for themselves, but also use them when playing other wargames popular nowadays. And if you’re planning to do so, check our gaming accessories to enhance your experience even more!

Discover the benefits of our Dvergr Commando Collection

And the last (but certainly not the least) benefit of our Dvergr Commando collection is that you can upgrade them and convert with other products from Kromlech’s webstore - for example, with bits printed thanks to printable files from Kromlech 3D Workshop category.

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