Goblin Miniatures

Goblin Miniatures

Where there are Orcs, Goblins must be as well - it’s the truth as old as the world itself. That’s why we couldn’t forget about them at the Kromlech webstore. Every big greenskin lad needs his small companion, so give a look at possible recruits who may join your Orc Army ranks.

Welcome to our Goblin Miniatures Collection

Here you’ll find plenty of Goblin miniatures 28 mm scale - although our guys might be named or had assigned specific roles or genres (most of them will fit rather a Sci-Fi Goblin miniature definition), it doesn’t mean that you can’t recruit them to do other stuff. After all, these are Goblins - they’ll do whatever their master’s bidding is.

So, if you’re looking for a single Goblin miniature, whole band, or different “professions,” such as Forest Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Warlock, or Ranger, you should find something for yourself.

Unique features of our Goblin Miniatures

We might offer various portrayals of Goblins, but all of them have one common feature - their designs are as unique as possible. Thanks to that approach, we released many unconventional lines of products, such as Iron Reich or Soviet Goblins.

Extraordinary quality of our Goblin Miniatures

At Kromlech, we’re fully aware that attractive designs aren’t everything that’s needed. That’s why we pay enormous attention to the quality of our products. All of our Goblin miniatures are made from high-quality resin. It means that bits from one set will fit the models from another, allowing you to mix your collection and convert it in the way you desire.

Compatibility of our Goblin Miniatures Collection with different Tabletop Games

You aren’t a Goblin collector? No problem. But even then, it might happen that you’ll need some of these guys for your Tabletop Games - whether to play a specific scenario or recreate a known battle from a particular universe. Thanks to the wide range of designs, our Goblins should fit many different roles, so don’t hesitate to try them in such instances.

Discover the benefits of our Goblin Miniatures Collection

Remember that going with our collection of Goblin miniatures opens you to numerous new possibilities. We always do our best to make our products compatible with each other. Thanks to that, you can always check other categories at our webstore. Be sure that, for example, both in Kromlech 3D Workshop and in modeling and basing, you can find different bits, parts, or accessories that will help you handle your Goblin models from our offer, as well as convert and modify them even further!

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