Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Even the servants of the dark powers can use such warfare tools as vehicles. Whether it’ll be a tank, motorcycle, or jet bike, the hellish riders like Daemons or cultists worshiping their masters won’t hesitate to add some suitable upgrades to their transport of choice.

Among the add-ons and improvements we mentioned above might be such horrific ones, as tentacles bursting from the vehicle’s hull or huge eyes observing everything around. After all, it’s an influence of the wicked minds of the Evil Masters we’re talking about - nothing stays the same after it was touched by the shapeshifting power of corruption.

Explore our extensive Chaos & Daemons Vehicles Collection

Although it’s impossible to keep up with the Gods of Chaos and at least think of (not to mention - produce) all the possible modifications to the unholy vehicles they prepare for their servants, we - at Kromlech - as always do our best.

Among a constantly growing collection of bits dedicated to vehicles from evil, daemonic factions, you can find several bits' sets with “universal” use, such as different kinds of the Spikey Bits. We’re sure that plenty of these will find their place on the hulls of Chaos vehicles.

Unique designs of our Chaos & Daemons Vehicles

If you seek something more sophisticated for your Chaos vehicle, we invite you to give a closer look at our doors collection. Such sets as Stygian Doors, Bedlam Fraternity Doors, and Morbid Doors contain highly-detailed resin pieces that you can upgrade your vehicle with. They not only grant any Chaos tank an appropriate, daemonic look but also make it feel more unique.

Compatibility of our Chaos & Daemons Vehicles with popular Tabletop Games

As with bits from other categories (even those from our Kromlech 3D Workshop, where you can find many printable files for even more converting options), bits from Chaos & Daemons Vehicles & Vehicle Bits are designed to fit a 28 mm scale. This is the scale in which the majority of popular wargaming systems are designed nowadays, so by deciding on our bits you’ll have plenty of options to use them.

Benefits of choosing our Chaos & Daemons Vehicles Collection

One of many benefits of choosing our Chaos & Daemons Vehicle Bits Collection is that we put a remarkable effort into making our products feel as “one of a kind” as possible, so by using them, you’ll surely outstand on any battlefield. At the same time, we’re aware that many wargaming players will wish to use our products in many different systems, so we also design them to be quite “flexible” as well. Nonetheless, the one thing you can always be certain of is that - thanks to our highest standards - you’ll receive bits made from the best materials every time you order from our webstore.

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