Sindari Terrain

Sindari Terrain

Sindari Voidfarers aren’t only formidable foes. As one of the oldest races in the whole known galaxy, these ancient beings developed society and art on a level that isn’t even imaginable for humanity, not to mention reachability. Sindari’s creations are different from the majority of constructions spread across the universe. While the creativity of men step aside before practicality, Sindari are capable of balancing both those features. Boneships - because that’s what are called their spaceships, that serve them as homeworlds as well - are the best examples in that case.

Welcome to our Sindari Terrain Collection

Kromlech Sindari Terrain Collection consists mainly of HDF kits that can be used to build various parts of Bone Ship. In addition, resin kits to complete your Sindari-driven scenery are available. Those smaller sets contain elements that serve perfectly as the finishing pieces for a diorama, or even as the decoration on the base of a miniature.

Unique features of our Sindari Terrain

Bone Ships are just like their creators - unique in comparison to the rest of the known Xeno or non-Xeno civilizations. By merging their skill of creating beautiful things with the mastery in the art of surviving and leading warfare, Sindari were capable of making a construct that still is both awe-inspiring and useful when the need for holding an advancing enemy is on.

Thanks to our best efforts to make all the HDF sets of Bone Ship compatible with each other, you can combine several different ones (and even the same ones) of them. Build yourself an enormous piece of unique scenery to grant your battlefield with its presence.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Sindari Terrain

Whether it’s because of captivating symbols or complex structure that resembles water or trees, Sindari Terrain is always worth giving a closer look. Thanks to the high-quality materials that we use to produce our models and scenery, all of that is brought to life in the sets that you can get in this category.

Compatibility of our Sindari Terrain with different Tabletop Games

Any sci-fi-driven wargame can benefit from our Sindari Terrain. Of course, as long as this game is designed in a 28 mm scale - that’s exactly the scale in which we produce our miniatures, bits, and terrain.

Discover the benefits of our Sindari Terrain Collection

Although the Sindari - and their creations - aren’t numerous anymore, the galaxy is full of remains of their long-existing civilization. Thanks to our resin kits, you can show this on your battlefield. Moreover, because our products are compatible, you can search for other bits to complement such post-Sindari ruins. Among those - surely - can be found fresh signs of other races' activity, like Orc skulls or abandoned Space Legionaries’ helmets - for that, browse our Kromlech 3D Workshop category.

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