All Space Legions consist of warriors loyal to their Emperor and to mankind overall - as long as those Legions aren’t consumed by the dark powers of daemonic masters, of course. Nonetheless, even among those who remain true to their principles and mission, some can outshine others with extraordinary bravery, kindness, etc. The feature that differentiates the Dragonborns from the rest of Space Legionaries is that they care the most about simple people. People which they swore to protect with their lives.

Welcome to our Dragonborn Collection

Kromlech invites you to dive deep into our collection of Dragonborn bits. This sub-faction of Space Legionaries originates from a planet completely covered in lava and volcanic ashes. Naturally, such a specific environment had a major impact on the design of the military force they formed. The name of this Legion says it all - there is no surprise here. Dragonborns adopted the mythical creature - the dragon - as their symbol, and it’s clearly visible in their appearance.

Unique features of our Dragonborn

If you’re keen on the classic climate of ornaments on the armor and equipment of your warriors, then Dragonborn bits and conversion parts are ideal for you. But don’t be mistaken - a traditional look isn’t everything you get. We - at Kromlech - always try to give you a bit “more.” That is why we did our best in developing this classic trope and mixing it with some modern themes. Thanks to all of that, Dragonborn is a sub-faction of Space Legionaries that introduces the well-known fantasy motives into a futuristic, grim dark reality.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Dragonborn

Whether you’re a fan of fiery ornaments or adore the dragonskin facture on armor plates, you’ll find something for yourself here, in the Dragonborn bits collection. Those parts (some of them, or all of them) can serve you to build whole new miniatures or to convert existing ones. Just as the Dragonborn Legionaries themselves - who, due to their close connection to the fire, are skilled blacksmiths - you can forge, strengthen, and improve the equipment of your warriors.

Compatibility of our Dragonborn with Different Tabletop Games

As the majority of products available at our webstore, Dragonborn bits are designed to fit a 28 mm scale. Being made from high-quality resin, they’re perfect to add to your miniatures from different wargaming systems, giving you a lot of converting possibilities.

Discover the benefits of our Dragonborn Collection

If you like the bits available in this Dragonborn category, be sure to check our other products. If you wish to get our bits differently, consider browsing the Kromlech 3D Workshop category, where you’ll find many printable files of bits both similar and completely different from the one listed here.

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