Despite their clumsiness and lack of brightness, Orcs are extremely dangerous beings. Enormous strength, primitive instincts, and cunning minds make them formidable foes for anyone whom they cross paths with. In addition, they’re capable of constructing deadly weapons from anything that shows up in their hands. It was a matter of time before those war-loving, green, muscular space invaders covered themselves with thick metal plates packed with a whole range of buzzsaws, drills, and guns to become an even more imposing threat. And that’s precisely what Orcs in Mecha-Armours are.

Welcome to our Mecha-Armours Collection

Kromlech welcomes you to the Mecha-Armours Collection - a line of products that has already become one of our “classics.” Here you can browse our mighty Orcs suited up properly for annihilating any foe on any battlefield. Besides the standard Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armour Squad (armed with various guns and close combat weapons), you’ll also find here a Juggernaut Rippa Squad - in which every Orc is armed with terrifying Rippa Buzzsaws.

Moreover, it’s good to remember that Mecha-Armour isn’t only for ordinary Orc infantry. It’s a piece of wargear more than suitable for the likes of Warchiefs or Mech-Bosses. That’s why you can also find these powerful characters in this section.

Extraordinary quality and attention to detail of our Mecha-Armours

Models so rich in detail as the presented Orcs in Mecha-Armours were terrific opportunities for our sculptors to let us all taste their true talent and potential. In an obvious way, it had a significant impact on the miniatures themselves. The Mecha-Armour Kromlech range offers you amazingly looking, detailed models cast from high-quality resin. They were made with an intent to fit a 28 mm heroic scale, but it’s good to underline that these Orcs surpass the majority of greenskins infantry when it comes to size.

Compatibility of our Mecha-Armours with different Tabletop Games

Remaining in the scale subject, we would like to assure you that our Orcs in Mech-Armours (as well as the majority of other figures available at our webstore) should perfectly fit every one of the most popular tabletop wargames nowadays, as long as the declared scale will match.

In addition, thanks to our vast range of different wargaming-related products, you can prepare these Mecha-Armour beasts for any game you wish. In the Kromlech 3D Workshop category, you’ll find printable files of bits to convert your models, and in the modeling and basing section, an extraordinary amount of modeling accessories awaits to help you finish your miniatures or miniatures’ bases.

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