Prime Legionaries

Prime Legionaries

When the eternal war across the whole known universe evolves, so must the loyal servants of the Emperor. Space Legionaries were brought to life to withstand the dangers mere humans could never overcome. But what if the forces of the Evil Gods and alien invaders deploy on the battlefield the units whose power will greatly exceed those possessed by mighty Legionaries? That’s when Prime Legionaries must step into action. This breed of genetically-modified warriors of mankind is bigger and better even than already-improved (compared to generic human soldiers) Regular Legionaries. The only price for such improvement was to sacrifice another portion of their humanity… But in this grim dark future reality the survival of the human race is worth any sacrifice.

Welcome to our Prime Legionaries Bits Collection

The significant part of the Kromlech Prime Legionaries bits is also available in the Regular Legionaries category - some weapons and pieces of equipment used by these two types of intergalactic soldiers are exactly the same. Nonetheless, the main feature of parts designed precisely for the Prime-ones is similar to the one visible when placing both these warriors next to one another - the Prime Legionary is simply bigger!

Unique features of our Prime Legionaries Bits

When the subjects are the features, it’s good to give a closer look to the main features of our products available in the Prime Legionaries category. Those bits - including sets of heads, weapons, and even whole Prime Legionaries bodies - and the miniatures you can build from them are produced to fit a 28 mm heroic scale.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Prime Legionaries Bits

Thanks to the high standards we always try to reach when producing our models, the quality of the final product that arrives to you, is as high as possible. The crucial thing in this process is that we use only the high-quality resin.

Compatibility of our Prime Legionaries Bits with Different Tabletop Games

The features stated above allow our bits (as well as miniatures you can build entirely from them) to fit most of the well-known wargaming systems nowadays. It means that you can freely mix them with components you already possess from other manufacturers, and thanks to some converting work it shouldn’t be visible at all.

Discover the benefits of our Prime Legionaries Bits Collection

When mixing our Prime Legionaries bits, don’t forget to mix them with other products in our vast, differentiated offer. For example, in the Kromlech 3D Workshop category many more fully-compatible bits await for you to discover.

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