Dark Forest

Dark Forest

Welcome to our Enchanted Realm! Delve deep into the woods and discover its numerous secrets. Dark Forest is an infamous place, well-known for its many dangers, but brave adventurers keep on testing their luck in the search for treasures and forgotten knowledge lying somewhere there. Not all are aware that the hungry predators of the night are patiently waiting for such daredevils like them…

Welcome to our Dark Forest Collection

In the heart of the mysterious woods, where ancient trees stand tall and shadows loom ominously, you'll discover the allure of our Dark Forest terrain. Crafted with precision and passion by Kromlech, this collection transports you to a world of wicked trees, abandoned signs, mystical mushrooms, and untold secrets.

Unique features of our Dark Forest

Within our Dark Forest, every model tells a story. Meticulously sculpted from resin and HDF, our terrain boasts extraordinary quality and intricate detailing. The twisted forms of ancient trees, lifelike textures, and lifelike details breathe new life into your tabletop adventures. Our commitment to detail sets your battles against the backdrop of an enchanting forest, where every element stirs your imagination.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Dark Forest

If you have any “Dark Forest miniatures” in your collection, you can be sure that you won’t find any terrain more suitable for them than in this category. No matter the materials used, we always do our best to bring you the highest-quality products possible. We guarantee that these terrains will look equally great as your miniatures when standing next to them.

Compatibility of our Dark Forest with different Tabletop Games

Versatility is key in the world of wargaming. Kromlech Dark Forest terrain seamlessly integrates with various tabletop systems, enriching your gaming experience. Modular by design, these terrain pieces allow you to craft diverse landscapes, from haunted woods to cursed glades, enhancing the depth and immersion of your games. There is only one rule - stick to the scale. The 28 mm scale is the one in which our terrains are designed.

Discover the benefits of our Dark Forest Collection

Elevate your tabletop with the enchanting ambiance of our Dark Forest. Our terrain captivates players, creating an atmospheric backdrop that immerses them in a world of mystery and grandeur. Uncover the benefits of the Dark Forest Collection as you shape unforgettable stories and embark on epic journeys.

While exploring our Dark Forest, don't forget to visit Kromlech 3D Workshop, our category dedicated to printable files of bits for wargames. Here, you'll find a wealth of resources to enhance your gaming experience and let your creativity run wild.

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