Hospodars Miniatures

Hospodars Miniatures

Being tough and sturdy people, Hospodars were able to build a traditional society in the frozen exile, far from any other civilization. That’s why we offer you a full range of various Dwarven Boyars miniatures, consisting of enormously-experienced Leader and his Boyarinas, Veterans, Engineers (with - as for the standards of magic-and-sword reality - highly-advanced cannons), Warriors, Riflemen, and even Miners - the vital part of any dwarven society, digging after precious gold and developing an underground (and significant) aspect of their city, even though the extremely hard surface of icy lands.

These finely-detailed models are made from high-quality resin and designed to fit a 28 mm heroic scale. They come with 20 mm square bases. It allows you to gather all of them into regiments, which brings the feel of a classic tabletop wargame.

Remember that if you need more bits in various quantities to convert your miniatures, you can always browse our Kromlech 3D Workshop category - just in case you need to add some frozen orkish skulls on the Hospodars’ bases.

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