Caste Enclaves Miniatures

Caste Enclaves Miniatures

Armies of Caste Enclaves consist almost entirely of Drones. As the peak of engineering technology, these constructs are capable of providing any advantage on battlefields as possible. Although the machines have their limits, they undoubtedly possess many features that make them superior warriors in comparison to any living creature. In this category, you can browse the whole collection of Caste Enclaves Drones that were classified by this highly advanced faction as “infantry units.”

Explore our extensive Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures collection

Kromlech Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures almost exclusively “float.” Although the walking machines are noticeable among the mechanical ranks of this intergalactic force, their number is proportionally lower than those who levitate or even fly.

Attack, Guard, and Support Drones are probably the most numerous (and least sophisticated, at the same time) among the creations of Caste Enclaves. That’s why at our webstore, they’re available both in three-miniature sets and huge twelve-miniature bundles.

Moreover, in this category, you can find slightly more advanced types of Drones that were designed to perform more significant tasks during the battle. These machines are more focused on specific objectives and - naturally - were upgraded to achieve them more easily. The great examples in that case are stealthy Blackfish Drones, heavier Emergency Drones, and Barrage Battle Drones.

Unique designs of our Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures

Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures are specific because the whole faction is like that. Our human minds might not catch up with Xeno's sense of technology, but we’re still capable of admiring the beauty and uniqueness of their work. For sure, the models in this category are like no other - one could dare to say they’re like something from a different planet…

Compatibility of our Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures with popular Tabletop Games

Caste Enclaves' Infantry units are made from alloys unknown to us, earthlings. Nonetheless, here at Kromlech, the models portraying them are cast from well-known resin. It’s worth underlining that it isn’t any resin but high-quality resin!

If we add to this mix the fact that - like the majority of our products - these Caste Enclaves models are designed to fit a 28 mm scale (popular in different Tabletop Games nowadays), the conclusion will be straightforward. Miniatures from this category aren’t only great modeling pieces by themselves, but they’re also solid candidates for alternatives for other wargaming systems.

Benefits of choosing our Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures collection

If you like our Caste Enclaves Infantry Miniatures, check other categories at our webstore - we prepared plenty of different wargaming products for you and various ways of getting them. Go to the Kromlech 3D Workshop and discover one of such ways.

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