Gnaws are creatures with a dual nature. One may say that they even have two faces - most commonly they’re what they were bred for by their orcish masters: dangerous biting monsters ready to devour their enemies. Nonetheless - despite their rather unfriendly look - sometimes they’re capable of being loyal and adorable pets. “Adorable” for Orcs, at least.

Welcome to our Gnaws Collection

One Gnaw can be a great soldier, companion, or helper for any Orc. Not a surprise that they gladly breed them, and only a few of these Gnaws are sent under the knife to the kitchen and later into the greenskins bellies. Although it occasionally happens that an unfortunate Gnaw becomes the snack for its master, there is no doubt that a strange (but solid) bond exists between these two races. Maybe even more solid than between Orcs and Goblins!

What’s even better than one Gnaw? Several Gnaws! That’s why here you have plenty to choose from. Take a look at these Kromlech Gnaws and pick your favorite. No matter if you’re in need of common ones (even differently looking and in large quantity), modified ones (such as our Boom Gnaws or Killa Gnaws), occasional ones (our returning models like Easter Egg Gnaw), or - finally - a huge one, in the likes of our Gnawzilla.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Gnaws

Each Gnaw at our webstore is uniquely sculpted and made from the highest-quality resin. This combination allows our miniatures to be durable and easy to handle and stand out compared to other kinds of wargaming models. We do our best to provide you with the most adorable (and deadly at the same time), good-looking Gnaws possible.

Another crucial thing regarding our miniatures (including Gnaws) is that they’re fully compatible with other products in our offer. Whether you want to afford some printable files from Kromlech 3D Workshop or stuff to finish your models from the modeling and basing section, be sure that all these things will work well with (or on) our miniatures. Convert freely with printed bits or paint, base, and add unique effects thanks to Kromlech essentials!

Compatibility of Gnaws Collection with different Tabletop Games

Finishing and adding details to models is one thing - finding different ways to use these models is another (other) thing. And even here, all Gnaw miniatures from our Collection will easily find their place. Although “Gnaws” are Kromlech Special, similar creatures are present in different wargaming systems, universes, and so on. They may look a bit different, but they’ll possess characteristic features that won’t leave any doubt in your mind that these are “Gnaw-alikes.” That being said, you can use our Gnaws in different wargames as long as you watch if the scale is correct.

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