Orc Corsairs

Orc Corsairs

Orcs’ life expectancy is relatively short due to the “hazardous” style of their lives. From the day they’re born (or, more precisely - from the day they grow), their primary purpose is to fight - anyone, anytime, any place. Naturally, sooner or later, this leads them towards the enemy far more powerful than themselves and concludes with an end to the existence of such unfortunate (but - we can’t take it away from him - ambitious and confident) greenskin. Nonetheless, some Orcs live long enough to be regarded as the old ones (of course, when looking at them with overall Orcs longevity at the back of the head). These so-called orcish veterans often gather themselves into groups that one may name “the crews” and travel Galaxy together to do what Orcs do best - raiding, devastating, and collecting loot. These are Orc Corsairs!

Welcome to our Orc Corsairs Collection

You have arrived at the cozy Kromlech-made corner for all old orcish Sea Gnaws. Find a place to sit and listen to the tales of great adventures and treasures beyond imagination. We may not assure you that Orc Corsairs telling them witnessed all they tell you for real, but we may give you our word that these are the best representatives of all greenskins dedicating their chaotic lives to this profession.

Admire sky-flying Orc Storm Riderz, or empty a bottle of rum with one of our Orc Corsairs Kaptins. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find yourself in the presence of the greatest greenskin adventurer ever - legendary Orc Corsairs Warlord, Deffkrooza. If you impress him with your stories about smashing and looting, he might even take you on a journey on the deck of his infamous Orc Corsairs Battle Rig. Just keep in mind that this adventure won’t be a safe experience.

Extraordinary quality and attention to detail of our Orc Corsairs

Our Orc Corsairs - made from high-quality resin - are designed and produced with exceptional attention to detail. Parts they’re made of are even available as separate products, so you can look closely at them and judge them yourself. The significant thing is that these bits match the scale (and quality) of different parts we offer - even those that come from our printable files from the Kromlech 3D Workshop. Moreover, thanks to valuable accessories from our modeling and basing category, you can easily handle them all.

Compatibility of our Orc Corsairs with different Tabletop Games

There’s even more to the range of Orc Corsairs Kromlech-made than you can imagine. They’re not only great models themselves but can also serve you as perfect alternatives for most Tabletop Games nowadays. All you have to do is to make sure that the scale of our models - a 28 mm heroic scale - fits the one of the chosen game.

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