Caste Enclaves Infantry Bits

Caste Enclaves Infantry Bits

Caste Enclaves are the masters of technological innovation. In the name of the Greater Cause, this Xeno species created many sophisticated machines that march (or levitate) through the galaxy to tame the oppressors and bring overall peace to the whole known universe. Although the idea is noble, the way of achieving it does not necessarily need to be the same. If Caste Enclaves wish to bring collective balance across the stars, they need to produce a massive amount of weaponry in the first place. And they do so.

Welcome to our Caste Enclaves bits collection

Caste Enclaves’ collection of bits contains plenty of differentiated sets of various weaponry. You can choose between Gatlings (standard, as well as long-barreled and covert ones), Plasma and Magma Guns, Particle Blasters, Missile Racks, and much more. All of that is designed in a highly technological style.

Unique features of our Caste Enclaves bits

Although Caste Enclaves’ bits from this category are dedicated to infantry type of units, thanks to the mastery of this faction in weapon craft, some of them are also compatible with the vehicles. After all, both infantry and vehicles are drones - one might say that the only difference lies in the size of those mechanical warriors.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Caste Enclaves bits

As with other products available at our webstore, Caste Enclaves Infantry Bits are cast from high-quality resin. The use of the best materials possible allows us to make miniatures, models, and conversion parts rich in details and with unique designs - truly in a Caste Enclaves fashion!

Compatibility of our Caste Enclaves bits with different Tabletop Games

Kromlech Caste Enclaves Infantry Bits aren’t only a perfect upgrade for the units from this line of products. Thanks to their sci-fi-driven design, they can serve as a suitable alternative for other factions - even from different Tabletop Games. As long as the general theme of a particular game matches the climate of our bits, and its scale is correct (a 28 mm scale is the one in which we design our models), it’s only up to you if you mix your two favorite things.

Discover the benefits of our Caste Enclaves bits collection

Caste Enclaves Infantry Bits available to purchase in this category are compatible with our other products. We always try to incorporate solutions that can make your shopping more comfortable. With every new feature we add, we’re closer to achieving our goal of making this webstore a complete, number-one place for you to get every wargaming and modeling stuff you might ever need. For example, that is why we launched the Kromlech 3D Workshop - bits from printable files you can find there match the scale and quality of our resin creations.

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