Omega Legion

Omega Legion

Being a hero for the vulnerable ones - who crave help as the chaos and violence spread throughout the grim dark galaxy - might be exhausting, but it’s a straightforward task overall. What’s a bit more challenging is to be the hero for those who are warriors themselves and have a fighting chance against the dangers hiding among the stars.

The description above suits perfectly our next Space Legionaries, available in this category - the Omega Legions. They’re the ones who are the symbol of excellence for all the other Legions - both in such terms as honor or loyalty, and leading warfare.

Explore our extensive Omega Legion Collection

Our ever-growing offer is differentiated based on quantities of products in each category. No matter what, we intend to always give you as many opportunities as possible with every set of bits or miniatures we release. That’s why you can build a whole Legionary from Omega Legion using (almost exclusively) parts from this category. If you wish to convert the miniatures you already possess and mix them with bits from other categories, you can do this as well. Also, don’t hesitate to give a closer look at other products from our rich offer - in some categories, such as Kromlech 3D Workshop, you can find even more Omega Legion-related stuff.

Unique designs of our Omega Legion

We - at Kromlech - wanted the Omega Legionaries (as the example for the rest of those intergalactic warriors) to be a bit more imposing, to stand out just by their look. It isn’t an easy thing to do when all Space Legion series have their unique looks, but we did our best by giving the Omega's one rich ornaments and overall feeling reaching to such tropes like our real-life ancient Roman Empire.

Compatibility of our Omega Legion with Popular Tabletop Games

Omega Legion bits you can get at our webstore (and miniatures you can build from them) were designed by us to fit a 28 mm scale. Thanks to the fact that they’re cast from high-quality resin, converting and adding them to miniatures from other known wargaming systems isn’t only possible, but quick and easy as well.

Benefits of choosing our Omega Legion Collection

Firstly, by deciding on our Omega Legion, you receive a product designed and made with the highest care and attention to detail. At Kromlech, we’re using only the best materials to produce our models, and we do this with dedication and respect to our beloved hobby. Secondly, if you shop with us, you’ll experience first hand that every wargaming product we make has several features that allow you to make use of it in various ways.

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