Wild Tribez

Wild Tribez

Orcs - being savage to death and by nature - are not equal when it comes to the level of this savagery that lives rent-free in their green hearts. Although every representative of this race is far wilder than any human being, some might be considered “completely crazy” or “far too primitive” by unknowing outsiders. Usually, those that are called in this way organize themselves into groups of various sizes (from several to thousands of Orcs) and form something that other Orcs named Wild Tribez. It’s good to underline that the majority of greenskins regard this name with respect or even some admiration or fear - that’s because Orcs from Wild Tribez are infamously known for being formidable, dangerous foes for almost anyone in the known universe.

Explore our extensive Wild Tribez Collection

Have you ever felt like even the Orcs aren’t “crazy” enough for you? You might love these green, hulking space invaders, but even they are a bit too calm and reasonable from time to time. That’s why Kromlech brought to life a whole range of Orc Wild Tribez miniatures - designed to fit a 28 mm heroic scale and cast from the highest-quality resin. These models are dedicated to those who occasionally have nothing against good-old mayhem.

Browse our Orcs to find all you ever needed - including maniacal Cyboar Riders, mighty Warchiefs, and the deadly Wild Tribez Squad consisting of ten hungry-for-battle warriors equipped with both range and close combat weaponry. And if you need more, remember that a whole cafeteria of bits to mix with our other products (like those printable parts from Kromlech 3D Workshop) is available to purchase as well. Finally - like a cherry on top of this green, orcish cake - look also at our gaming accessories to complete your collection with suitable wargaming stuff.

Exceptional quality to detail of our Wild Tribez

Precisely, like all of the models at our webstore, the Orcs from Wild Tribez are designed and produced with attention to detail and quality. Here, at Kromlech, our team - consisting of wargamers, modelers, and hobby-passionates - knows very well that there is no greater satisfaction than being on the receiving end of the process of creating the best possible miniatures.

Compatibility of our Wild Tribez with popular Tabletop Games

Ultimately, it’s a significant feature of our miniatures that they’re compatible with popular Tabletop Games nowadays. It means that you can gather a whole horde consisting of Wild Tribez Kromlech-made Orcs and field them on almost any battlefield possible, as long as the scale and climate of the figures will match the scale and climate of the game.

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