Caste Enclaves

Caste Enclaves

Although the grim, dark future universe, which is constantly devoured by destructive conflicts, doesn’t seem like a place where some constants are applicable, there is one rule that remains unchanged no matter what. What we have in mind is the rule that states that technological superiority gives an enormous advantage against the enemies. In a world full of unknown powers, dangerous Xeno species, and blood-craving Daemons, Caste Enclaves are the ones who fight and win by this rule.

Explore our extensive Caste Enclaves collection

Kromlech Caste Enclaves collection is an ever-growing offer of miniatures, vehicles, and wargaming bits representing the creations of a technologically advanced faction. Browse differentiated war machines - both elegant and effective - as well as smaller, infantry-type units available in various quantities - from squads to whole swarms!

Unique designs of our Caste Enclaves

Dedicating their whole lives to fight for the Greater Cause, enigmatic Xeno species of Caste Enclaves specialize in projecting, producing, and deploying on battlefields their highly efficient drones. Those fast, durable, and precise constructs obey any orders of their constructors and are never tired or scared, providing the maximum effectiveness possible.

Such a unique faction as the Caste Enclaves offers - naturally - numerous unique designs of both vehicles and miniatures. Drones made in a specific, consistent fashion (characteristic for the race that produces them) can look very imposing as a gigantic army on a battlefield. Moreover, such an army surely will stand out among the numerous factions made exclusively (or majorly) of “living” creatures.

Compatibility of our Caste Enclaves with popular Tabletop Games

What features are required to make a miniature compatible with different wargames nowadays? The answer to that question is pretty straightforward. The one crucial thing is the scale of a game, and the very popular one is a  28 mm scale. Our range of high-quality resin products for the Caste Enclaves faction is designed in exactly such a scale.

Benefits of choosing our Caste Enclaves collection

Take a look at our Kromlech 3D Workshop category. The range of bits in the form of printable files might not be dedicated precisely to Caste Enclaves but possess one crucial feature: every bit you can print through those files was designed in the same scale as our resin models. It’s a significant benefit of choosing one of our products. We do our best to make every miniature, terrain, and any other hobby-driven thing we produce compatible with one another. Thanks to that philosophy, we can offer you many different ways of getting your favorite wargaming stuff.

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